FM7 - Worth Buying

I was going to buy it when it first came out, but saw a huge amount of negative feedback and complaints about it. Just wondering if things have gotten any better through any released updates. I am not really looking to play any type of multi player stuff as I was completely turned off by it in FM6. Basically just looking to race by myself. Big thing has the AI been improved any since FM6? The demolition derby and/or bumper car mode was pretty frustrating in FM6.

While things still get bumpy in the first corner or three, I’ve experienced less total pile-ups than in 6. Except with open wheel vehicles, which seem more prone to getting entangled than before.

Nope. AI is worse and they screwed up the driving. SUCKS! SUCK! SUCK!


If they gave money back…there would be no one playing.


Not true on either part… They do and we are. I am getting quite a bit of enjoyment from the game.


In your case of wanting to play SP I would not, at this time, recommend buying it. Especially since you were “turned off” buy MP in F6. IMO there isn’t much difference between the 2 frustration wise. This is the 1st time, since F2 that I cannot recommend someone buying it, in it’s present state.


The singleplayer career is good imo, also if you have a wheel, the feedback and overall experience is much better.

AI kinda the same, multiplayer full of crashers. If mp is your thing I would say wait for the release of leagues. In fm6 the leagues were pretty good once you get out of rookies.

Myself, I have been having the best time since Fm4 because of the better handling and private lobbys with friends. Or just hotlapping different cars and divisions. You just have to ignore the fact that the game was rushed and at the moment needs fixing in several areas. But I can live with that I suppose.

Edit: also these forums are usually full of people not liking the game, nothing wrong with that, can just create a bit biased picture of the game. Reviews on the other hand do seem to like it.


Drivatars occasionally ram you, either with the “limit aggression” option turned on or off. They follow their racing line, like you’re not even there! This was very noticeable for me especially in the muscle car races.
When I started playing on sept 29 and we still had no credits in-game, I used a “stay on track” mod, the drivatar rammed me into the dirt and I lost that bonus. Way to go T10!


I would have to say if you just play single player, go for it. That’s pretty much all I’ve done since release.

Not touched multiplayer at all, rivals are currently limited. Several features, auction house and forzathon, leagues are not yet active. So there’s hope for the life of the game, once the single player campaign is completed.

One tip I picked up on here, was to adjust the race length to long in career races - I’ve been able to increase the difficulty since doing that and still in most classes/ formats can get a win just by taking my time to plan passes better - rather than throwing it up the inside as we’re on the last lap. Something the generic 3 laps tends to encourage.

You also get more rewards for the longer races, combine that with some luck in the MOD department and you can quickly amass a pretty impressive garage. There are cars from the full roster that you can’t just buy - so maybe look in to that, if one of your favourites is locked away behind whatever system T10 is employing - that could be a frustration for you. I didn’t paint all that much in FM6 but found out that 3 of the cars I have done liveries on, I can’t at this time purchase in game and another is on a car (Toyota) that is no longer in this edition.

There’s some work to be done to polish the game but I’ve greatly enjoyed racing again, the career seems more interesting than in the last few iterations. If that’s what you enjoy, this seems to be a step in the right direction.

You might want to read up on another aspect that is the homolagtion system - each car has been grouped in to a mini group of ‘similiar’ vehicles - they have all been auto upgraded to make them competitive, in theory to a certain class point, with restrictions on the upgrades used. You can still tweak your own build but you might find for example, you can’t add racing tyres as you’re stuck with street within the rules. That sort of thing - this will affect the tuners out there more than the average joe but it does produce some interesting racing on track, so to me at this point I’m willing to wait and see how it pans out over time.

I paid around £82 for the ultimate edition, which includes the VIP & Season pass as well as the bonus of early access. That’s the most I’ve ever spent on a game on release & I’ve been gaming on consoles since there’ve been consoles. Still pound for pound, entertainment value wise, I’ve put in over 3 days game time in as many weeks - with plenty more to do in future.

It’s more like an investment than a quick hit, over time I will get my monies worth and at 3 days played so far, that’s beginning to look like relatively cheap entertainment at that.



P.s. Hardvibes if you use rewind, you can undirty a lap as far as the mods go - just fyi


DamMe, very good summary! Great read in other aspects aswell.

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Yes no yes no yes no… love these posts… read up on the game… you like it you buy it…we dont know you,these questions are rediculous.

Your reply is ridiculous. I asked two two specific things:

  1. Have improvements been made since its initial release.
  2. Is the AI as bad as it was in FM6.

If you dont have the education to read the post or the mental faculties to understand it, please dont post your non-sense.


There haven’t been massive improvements since the game was released, as in nothing that has affected how I play the game. They are promising to increase pay outs for races for those with VIP - read the stickied letter from Alan at the top of forum. This hasn’t been implemented as yet but hasn’t proved to be an issue for me in terms of playing the game, credits are flowing pretty freely to be honest. I believe there are some release notes for the latest patch in the week in review, so you can see where they are prioritising their efforts. In these early weeks, it will be whatever game breaking bugs are coming up, rather than anything cosmetic or non-gameplay critical

I didn’t have a problem with AI in FM6 so whilst as someone has already stated the open wheel races can be a challenge - much more likely to get locked wheel to wheel with another car and basically be a passenger in to whatever corner/ disaster is about to happen. It’s manageable in most non-open wheel cars and as I mentioned, opting for the longer races, both makes the races more satisfying but also more realistic in terms of being able to make your way through the grid before the end of the race. You can chop and change this mid season, so if a track comes up you really don’t like, run a couple of laps on it, knock down the difficulty for that race - you can still win without going gung ho that way.

A massive improvement over fm6, that not a lot of people seem to be talking about is the flexibility you can have in freeplay now. So even once career is completed or just for a change of pace, you can properly spec up a free play race to run it how you want on whatever track you want. Something a lot of people complained about in 6.

Anyway - I’ve said my piece, hopefully given you a few insights. Not everyone on here is negative but they do seem to be in the majority and certainly more vocal than the people who are actually too busy enjoying the game to get on the forums much.




I want to clarify something before I respond to your questions. I have owned and played every single forza game since the original xbox. Forza is my favorite racing series of all time and I play all racing games. This was without a doubt the game I was most excited for this year.

  1. Have improvements been made since its initial release. Absolutely not.
  2. Is the AI as bad as it was in FM6. This has to be the worst AI that I have experienced in a racing game. I would gladly welcome the AI as well as many things that are in Forza 6.

Given what I know now from playing this game, if I could go back in time I WOULD NOT HAVE PURCHASED THIS GAME. That really makes me sad to say that. I really hope that Turn 10 fixes this game , but I am very doubtful


For those having issues with single player drivatars, turn limit aggression off and they stop trying to drive you off the road, the settings are reversed and its a bug

To the OP

No this game is not worth it right now, they haven’t even released the basics like making your own multiplayer lobby, also FM4 is still the best, and this isn’t even 80% of FM4.

So in my opinion, I would suggest sticking to the older FM because this one adds nothing and it still is not even complete yet.

You haven’t experienced it but I have.
I tried both options after someone in the forum pointed it out. At first I was satisfied turning it off…but then I saw that the drivatars still did it sometimes.
It has nothing to do with this option. It’s not about aggression. It’s about drivatars being completely stupid, following their own racing line and not even minding your presence on the track.

Are you sure you can do that? T10 didn’t even put a restart race option specifically because they don’t want you to have a second chance using the same mod.
Anyway last time I tried rewind was in 2009. I’ll never touch that thing again. Plus I don’t need to continue career mode. All I do now that I have credits is race online.

The on track mod you were using if its like the one i have it says stay on track and rewind disabled, so no rewind wouldnt have worked for that one maybe theres different versions of it im not sure. You can still restart the race but you have to quit then restart, it doesnt make you lose your mod cards.

I’d just like to point out that I can parrot DamnMe’s experience. The answers to your two questions are not as great.

  1. No, they haven’t put out any code improvements to the AI yet. Not that I’ve seen, at least.
  2. I think the AI is about the same as in 6, but I also didn’t play 6 as long so I may just have meh-colored glasses on.

I was actually fairly dissatisfied with the FM7 the first night I was playing. The races were too short, AI was set to ramming speed even with limit aggression off, and I wasn’t making enough money to really progress easily.

Day 2 I set my race lengths to long, bumping almost every race up to 10-13-20 laps depending on track length. Each race takes about 20-25 minutes now. Now I don’t need to be aggressive at the start until the pack things into a line, then you just pass normally. Generally you have some clean laps that hit the leader boards. Also, you tend to get 50k credits without mods or difficulty bonuses on each race., if you have mods and decent AI difficulty you’re looking at 100k a race.

That one toggle for race length has been one of the things desperately missing from the series for me, and has me coming back every evening to run a few races and make progress in the SP cups.

Also, the ability to see all the cars in the game on a table and just purchase the ones you’re missing with a single click is awesome.

Less awesome is the gating of purchasing cars behind “car collector levels.” Just… no. Get rid of that Turn 10.


100% I’ve done it, so it’s in the game as it stands now.

They have multiple cars LOCKED which annoys me beyond belief. This is a simulation game, not a arcade game… I should not have to complete the whole career just to unlock all the cars in the game. I love the physics and actual game play though. It is a step up from Forza 6 for sure. Either way, i still haven’t played the game more than a few times because i was so turned off by the locked cars in the game.