Bumper Car Affect Removed?

I own FM6 and there are many things I enjoy about, but the thing that kills it the whole bumper car affect. The AI cars drive into and everything which totally kills the game. Has this been fixed in FM7 or is it still pretty predominate?

Has anything been done to improve Multiplayer? In FM6 is was a complete joke with players cheating and playing demolition derby. I played about 5 minutes in FM6 before completely abandoning all together.

No, and no. It’s all pretty carried over. We do have new menus though! Still no driver rating to separate the bashers from the regular players, haven’t tried to vote kick yet, not sure if it’s visible to all players this go round or not.

the AI are a joke. they act like they are alone on track. if you are on their inside during a corner they will just turn inside until they hit you. if you’re on their outside coming out of a corner they will force you off track. they give no space & no respect to the player & other AI.

Thanks. I was going to buy the ultimate version, but I see there is no need to waste $100.

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I love it when the AI are aggressive and smash you out the race…it makes you weary of them…they are real…dont mess with them!! In some racers they just as well not be there and its boring. They even crash sometimes which is great. I hate the opposite effect of what you speak of…the heavy car effect…where collisions dont do anything or effect anyone!

I really like the crash physics in FM7, It’s like the cars actually absorb momentum and weigh more than a lawnmower now, instead of just pinging off each other like in FM6. So if someone bumps into you a tiny bit you don’t fly away with the intention to go into orbit, and also it doesn’t cave the back of your car in like on previous titles, and that is a MAJOR improvement for me.

i liked how everyone bashes pcars 1 and 2 ai but in comparison to fm7 they are not braindead zombies, i wonder where all that cpu power is going when game is taxing 100% on 2 cores, oh yeah the smooth stuttering gameplay