FM7 and Logitech Profiler. Wheels are NOT supported as you say.

You say Driving force GT and G27 wheels are supported, but a user cannot use the profiler couse your forzamotorsport.exe executable is protected and cannot be selected…
Meh -.-‘’

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I’ve found a way.
I wanted to make the paddle shifter and sequential shifter work at the same time without configuring every time the mapping in the game.
I’ve found a way to do it with the Logitech Profiler.
But i’m not going to explain this here 'couse i’m tired about devs never ever answering, and 'couse in my personal opinion this forum-community is too much TOXIC for my tastes.
If you need help, try to PM me and maybe i’ll read your message.

Or you could look at this youtube video and spare yourselves the indignity of asking the above person for help (who does not realize that he blames the Forza devs for Windows Issues)

Hmm. I’m on a G27 that just won’t die, and have had zero issues with Forza and the Logitech profiler playing nice with each other. If it’s broken, then it certainly isn’t broken for me.

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I blame devs for other issues, not this. The problem here is from Logitech and Windows.
That video is not a fix for creating a FM7 profile… -.-’ It’s a fix to recognize the G27. Did you actually watched and listened to it?
“Spare yourself the indignity”…
Meh, you missed the whole meaning of my post and just spit random - toxic indeed - words.

You say you can create a FM7 profile on the Logitech profiler (assigning buttons, macros and other stuff)?

I think you both are misunderstanding me.
But i understand… and don’t blame you. You have just been playing FM (and probably put your hands on a PC) since yesterday compared to me. Respect for elders… Precious matter nowadays. :smiley:

I don’t know how old anybody else is, or how much of an expert they are. I’m closing in on 50, I’ve been messing around with/building PCs for over 35 years now, so I don’t think I’m a fresh-faced babe in this regard. I’m older than some and younger than others here, and I have more experience with computers than some here and less than others. How that compares with you, I wouldn’t be sure, and can’t even profess to much care.

All that I’m saying is that I’ve never had any problems with my G27 and Windows 10 or Forza 7 for that matter. I didn’t even know this was an issue for people. You talk about this community being toxic yet speak with calm condescension towards somebody who hasn’t experienced the same problems you have. A sort of “There there, little boy. Thanks for taking an interest.” Maybe standing in front of a mirror wouldn’t be such a terrible idea the next time you want to complain about the toxicity of this forum?

For what it’s worth, I didn’t say that I could create a Forza profile on the Logitech profiler. I’ve never attempted, and didn’t mention it here. I simply said that my G27 hasn’t given me a hard time. I think you’re misunderstanding me. But I understand… and don’t blame you.

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But the fact that my thread is about creating a profile for FM7 still remains.
No matter your wheel, no matter if it works or not. Also my DFGT works perfectly.
But, again, i am speaking about creating a FM7 profile, and you are speaking about your g27 that works good on your system.

Completely different subjects.

Why don’t you try to create a profile on Logitech profiler for FM7?
Then maybe you will get the point of my thread.

Why don’t you post on the technical assistance forum instead of the general discussion?

'Couse it is something that Turn10 cannot fix (and i won’t get an answer anyways).

Well I though it was a real issue not a trolling thread, thanks for the advice…

Complaint, not trolling. There’s a difference.

Your problem is with MS and how they manage their store apps on Windows 10, it has absolutely nothing to do with T10. The files location is read-only/hidden if I recall, so you cant point the Logitech Profiler at the executable to create your own profile…I feel your pain but this is NOT the place to post about it…

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Don’t worry it’s no longer about The Game…It’s all about the Money!
I have over 70 racing games in my collection…Yes and of course the only one that will not allow you to create a Profile with the G27 Logitech Profiler is…FORZA HORIZON 4.
Everything Microsoft touches turns to crap…they couldn’t even make a smart phone without screwing that up! It’s like a monkey screwing a football with these guys…
It’s simple without the Logitech Profiler (G27) you cant fine tune your wheel as well… Of course I know Microsoft wants everyone to own an Xbox and buy a game pad and throw out the racing wheels!
I am all done…NO MORE MICROSOFT GAMES FOR ME EVER! And no…I will never pay a monthly subscription to play a game I just bought! NEVER PAY TO PLAY!
I been Gaming since 1988 Case Closed.