No end to my issues with FM6A and my G27 wheel prdal and shifter set

Right from the start I’ve had issues trying to set up the Logitech Profiler and getting it to accept the game exe. File without offering up a catastrophic error notification.
After 2days of getting mad with myself, this evening everything seemed to gel together SO off I went and entered a spotlight event.
FUBAR springs to mind, there is a definite 1sec lag between turning the wheel and the wheel actually turning ingame.

Also may i admit that I’m completely lost with the I game settings vs the profiler settings, di I tactually need to have the G27 profiler working?
The game also doesn’t recognize a G27 shifter that has a sequential mod applied ( yes the infamous rubber bands lol ).

I have my fingers crossed that some of our great forumers will find a moment or two to help me in the right direction and also share a decent starting point for the ingame settings.

Regards & Respect