FM Update 8.0 Overview - Track Toys Tour and Mobil 1 partnership | 13 May 2024

Was expecting the Elemental RP1 tbh :smile:

Yeah should be Track Day not Factory

I wonder if there is no E class events at all this whole rotation because of the Broken P550? Maybe next update will be a whole month of E class on the Nurburgring. One can only hope.
The G40 should bring some good low class racing in the spotlight series, I’m looking forward to that.
But even the career lacks any E class events. Whats and old bloke to do.
I get scared at anything over 100mph.


T10 are trying hard with Windows 98 paint, maybe when they make enough money, they’ll upgrade to Vista paint.


Hey devs can you at least copy n paste the FH5 livery editor into the game. Instead of adding micro adjustments when you haven’t fixed the core problems of the current livery editor. You’ve shown you can copy n paste a lot of old features from previous games already, or do you need another 6 years.

Its making new or casual players think they are new when they are not New cars for spotlight. Now i thought abiut it. Less cars in a update means already in gane cars marketed as new cars spotlight. Turn 10 way of less cars aj update

With the new update, the game becomes silent while in the multiplayer race. I no longer get dizzy due to vehicle noise while racing.
Also, the penalty system works very well(!). Congratulations Forza Team.


Handling feels much better. Definitely experiencing a lot less Drivatar ramming 'n such. I also don’t lose rear grip nearly as much as I used to. Big improvements for sure.

Have only done 70s F1 races since the update (and only in the Renault), but in my opinion the audio mix is worse now. The player’s car is quieter but the rest of the field seems way too loud in comparison, I could barely make out my own engine revs over the other cars on the road so had to keep glancing at the HUD to know when to upshift (normally I can play almost completely by ear).


The audio mix at the start of the race has been around since the game was first released and has still not been improved. My problem is not that the sounds get mixed up, it’s that they disappear completely. While racing on the Catalunya and Le Mans tracks, I experience the complete absence of sounds.

Set the engine volume of the other cars to 85 also the tire sound to 85 and optional the collisions also to 85. That makes it sound better overall.

I also set HUD to 85 and UI to 50.

I haven’t noticed anything unusual. And I play with a 24 Bit 192KHZ 7.1 PCM sound all full spectrum speakers. But I have the feeling they lowered the overall volume or something, I just made my sound a tiny bit louder and it’s fine again.

I have set it to 48 KHZ ingame, that is the highest sadly.

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This month’s Featured Rivals event will have you choose your favorite Forza Touring Car and achieve your fastest lap at Viriginia International Raceway – Full Circuit. Cars have been pre-tuned for optimal competition but can be further adjusted to suit your playstyle.

Does this mean just the upgrades are pre tuned or the actual tuning setup?
All the tuning settings look like the standard default setup they have always had.
I read this as all the cars have had someone go through them all and optimise the setup for VIR.
Am I doing something wrong or is it just the upgrades that are optimised?

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Update 8 broke the game…
Whens the Hotfix dropping?

What is broken?

I am currently doing the new career races and all works fine. Well but I play on PC.

That Ginetta Jr is pretty fun.

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I’m now getting crashes to Home. Weird black reflections on the sides of apexes and gravel traps. Engine sounds seem almost muffled. All on Xbox

Still a hot mess after 7 months

The game, 4 CTD’S and and a broken setting screen, haven’t had a crash in months or should I say updates

Last time I had crashing like this was October 23

Yep PC here too, seems to crash at after you load into the next track and then go to exit, twice on the Ginetta Jr and once when going next series from D to C, Then C to B


Nothing like that is happening for me.

There was a new Windows 11 update, I already installed it. There also is a new version of Net Framework. Maybe there is a connection somehow, I am no computer expert. But I got no problems.


W10, all upto date, not touching 11 until the performance is better than 10

Doesn’t really bother me with the ctd’s, got better things to do but it’s still interesting that whatevers been done in this update is crashing the game and lagging the pause menu setting tabs.

This is what I expected from a gaas, change this stuff that, update this bugerr that, a never ending cycle of issues

I am pretty sure it already is better. I never had any problems with Win11. I got it on 2 computers installed my mainrig and laptop.

I use this:

To make it look and feel like Windows 10 again. The only thing that doesn’t work are the live “tiles” in the startmenu, or whatever it’s called in the english version.

But it costs 4,99 after 30 days. Well i just paid for it. And bought 2 licenses for 8,99.

Well the upgrade from 10 to 11 was for free. So i just tried it out and liked it.

Nope, tests have proven that 11 is still slightly slower at getting stuff done.

Will be forced to change one day and that will be the day I do… and we will still be worse off

If only NVIDIA bought out an OS