FM Update 8.0 Overview - Track Toys Tour and Mobil 1 partnership | 13 May 2024

I just searched for it and I think only ppl with slow rigs even notice any difference. I can’t see any difference. But yeah stick to what you like as long as it works.

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Yeah nah it’s not slow rigs :sweat_smile:

Anyways it’s a tiny difference but newer should mean better :rofl:


I tend to say “Kat-er-ham”… But I’m from the land of Apple Pie.

Yeah well if everything is working as intended like it does for me, then yes newer is better.

I use kayterum, but some say kaytrum. Londoners might say kayerum. It’s definitely not ‘catter’, and the ‘h’ is silent. It’s named after the village in Kent, England where they are based.

Lots of British places are pronounced weirdly, and some are pronounced differently by natives than the rest of the country, who may be guided by the BBC tv and radio. Also, for a small country, our accents vary a lot, which adds to the variety of ways of saying place names.

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Ginetta’s are an absolute blast. Best fun car I have driven in this game so far. Great 4 races to start!


Yes it’s very fun, it feels like a real race car, although it’s so slow.

It really is nuts, the sheer variety in accent/dialect in the UK. That’s from someone who only gets UK culture from television/sports. I’m sure it’s much more varied than I even realize.

Interesting. I got to look into Caterham’s history when I get some more down time. I just liked the cars.

I think they finally made the tunnel of Maple Valley a tiny bit less annoying. Or I am wrong and it’s just subjective, or it’s because there is another car with me in the tunnel in the first video.

Before the update:

After the update:

I think it sounds less “tunnelish”.

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Instead of 20x reverberation, they switched it to 2x. It does sound much better and less piercing on my end too. I recently got a set of Corsair HS65 cans, and its much, much better. IIRC didn’t this happen with 7.0’s update?

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Yes they’ve come a long way from Lotus origin.

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I just had my first crash after months.

I finished the open class A series and then crashed in the loadscreen.

Well it didn’t crash, but it froze with that screen, then I ALT+TABBED clicked on the window again, then windows asked me if I want to close the application and I clicked yes.

Like the game isn’t bad enough already, no now it’s even unstable. :-1:

After starting the game again it’s like I only own one car now. WTH?

I restarted it again and the cars are back. Wow this game has serious issues.


Thought it would be rude not to try the update, especially the AI improvements. Really impressed with how much faster the AI is, especially on the Ginetta series. It’s incredible that identical cars with less PI than you can pull away from you on straights.

So huge congrats, if I didn’t know better I’d think the AI had been given a HP buff, but I know that’s not true because Esaki mocked previous Forza titles for doing this and was adamant that this was the most technically advanced racing game ever made.

Well done T10​:clap::clap:


Hotfix released. 1.10 GB on xbox



To be fair to Esaki, that does seem to be one of the things they seem to have got right. I haven’t tried the Ginetta event yet but is it not possible they are using a diffeeent build to you?

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I had the same bug right after installing Update 8 but with the Brabham BT8 (received after the previous Open Tour). Thankfully, completing a race solved it and my garage was restored.

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Exact same issue here, it’s when it’s loading that the crash happens, have you tried out pausing whilst in a race and go to settings and cycle through the tabs, it’s lagging and gets stuck on the graphics settings tab

Since the update the sound mix for the whole length of the race has changed (for the worse), not just the start. And I’ve had the same complete drop-out of sounds a couple of times, at least one of them was on a Formula Mazda series race at Catalunya where I had no sound from halfway through Lap 1…

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