FM Update 8.0 Overview - Track Toys Tour and Mobil 1 partnership | 13 May 2024

No it’s impossible. Cars are stock, actually some of the AI have slightly lower PI so must be carrying ballast. Either way there’s no more HP to be had out of 300 Pi build. Somehow though the leading PI pull away on straights (really noticeable at the Glen) despite being in a draft as well.

As I said though give them credit because they found a way to make the leading AI faster (lvl 8) without cheating as he said HP buffs were .

Like a new game, several online races with out T1 pile up.

Light rubbing but no bashing.

AI is far better, might be a bit easier. Catching up to top 3, isn’t even remotely a challenge, was top 5 for me before.
I actually had a car pass me when I went wide on a corner.

Never happened before.

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I did the first race of the Ginetta track toys round. And I have to give credit where it’s due. I don’t know if it’s because of the update or just a fluke but this was one of the best races I’ve had since this game rolled out. AI played a clean race. There was a few bumps with a couple of warnings and several more (minor) collisions with no penalties. No AI ramming, No AI corner cutting. The next few races will tell a tail. And then the next series will show if it was a fix from the update or just the Ginetta. But if this first race is a taste of the updated AI and FRR then things are looking up.


Yeah - Turn 10 outdo themselves with Update 8 - on pc the game again stops working after finishing a championship - hurrah. Thought that was patched out of the game some month ago…

After every championship I have to reinstall the complete game. Are you serious?



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I only had this happen on my Win 10 machine but not on my 2 Win 11 machines. You still use Win 10?

I also only had new optimizing of shaders everytime i restarted the game on my Win 10 machine, but never on the Win 11 ones.

I’ve seen this on Win11 myself a couple updates ago. I still occasionally get disconnected with no error message.

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Okay thought that might be the reason. At least it was for me.

I am just happy i don’t have to solve the mystery what that is. :smiley:

I mean check this out, i started the game on a 11 generations old CPU just to test it.

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I don’t. Xbox series x.

I’ve gotten the same error screen (on PC) immediately after applying update 7 and now again with update 8. Possibly with updates prior to 7 as well, but I don’t recall. The only way I’ve been able to fix it is to log out of the Xbox app and then while I’m logged out, launch FM23. The game will then ask me to log back in, at which time, after thinking about it for a bit, it will usually do so successfully.

Not sure this helps you at all, being that you’re on console, but may be worth it to try signing out of your profile on the Xbox, then restart the game and see if it connects you.

Did this multiple times.
Unfortunately with no success.

For me, it was after hotfix 7.1.

Most probably their side and not you, but they blame you

The joys of an always online connection game
Freeplay offline is completely pointless

Then, can you tell me how others can play?!

WHY is there still NO QUALIFYING in Career Mode!!!
It cannot be that hard to program the game to have this!
Give the people what they want!


Logged in to test and no issues here, apart from the funky new hail damage paintjobs

Maybe try connecting with another device like your phone or try another online game and see what happens?

Edit: 2 CTD’s in an hour, seems to happen when leaving events. Hope this doesn’t keep happening for the next month

I was hoping the new Safety Rating and matchmaking you have improved the multiplayer experience, but no. I got one good race and then got dropkicked into the dirt by a rammer on the 2nd corner of the next.

It’s still completely unplayable.

The game now even freezes between training and starting the race - at least you don’t have to start the training again as now the game remembers you finished that before it crashes.

So much fun, doing one to three lap trainings - download the game, reinstall it, doing some kind of race with max five laps, game crashes again, download the game again, reinstall it again, doing some training again, and before I can race, I have to do the same steps again and again.

I downloaded the whole game since thursday now 13 times (!), I am done with it.

Microsoft Store version with 5800X3D, RX6950XT, 64 GB RAM, Win 11…

May stick with my xbox seriex x for FM23…

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Other games are working fine. (FH5, fall guys, etc)
Even my internet is good.

Why you reinstalled it 13 times? You know what the definition of insanity is right?