Disappearing track, improved for anyone?

I tested it on my old rig and I didn’t get dissapearing track, I even made a short video showing how it runs. Well it’s all set to low, 1080p etc. it looks like a blurry mess and judders and stutters. And after I stopped recording the game crashed in a loadscreen. But yeah as I said no dissapearing track. That CPU is 4 generations behind the minimum requirements. The GTX 1070 probably could have done medium to high settings, but I didn’t wanna spend time figuring it out and just set it to the lowest.

I also couldn’t use g-sync because that rig is connected to my TV that only support g-sync if I connect a HDMI 2.1 device. The GTX 1070 still has HDMI 2.0a I think.

I also had to optimize the shaders everytime I started the game. I never had that problem on my main rig or laptop. Maybe it’s a Windows 10 issue, because my other 2 computers have Windows 11.