FM Update 8.0 Overview - Track Toys Tour and Mobil 1 partnership | 13 May 2024

I finished the intro of MP yesterday always was 2nd or 3rd. Then when I started the first actual race, I only landed on the 4th or 5th place or something. There was a clear gap between me, the leading ppl and the ppl behind me. I was in the middle of it skillwise. It was sort of interesting, nobody rammed me and I didn’t ram anybody. All races were super clean at least for me.

I am skill (S) 4500 something.

So I’ve just finished one of the career series (Ginetta Junior) for the first time since update 7. Here’s my take:

The Good:

  • AI first corner pile-ups and general mayhem seem to have been resolved
  • Ability of AI to race alongside player through corners seems to have been improved - I was able to race two-wide through corners on several occasions (both on the inside and outside of the AI, without them freaking out and yeeting it into the barriers)

The Bad:

  • AI still brakes unnecessarily on straights. Especially noticeable on the long uphill straight at Watkins Glen before the chicane
  • Something is causing load times to go through the roof - examples include both loading a track at the start of a series, and backing out to the event select menu after a series is complete. Loading a track is now taking upwards of a minute and a half. I don’t know exactly how long it took prior to the latest game update, but it didn’t feel anywhere near this long. As for backing out to the event select menu, I gave up and Alt+F4’d after waiting for 3 minutes watching the pinwheel in the lower right of the screen and listening to the bg music.
  • (edit) just tested again, and load times now seem normal. Must have been a fluke either with my machine or maybe a bad connection to the FM servers…who knows?

Things to note:

  • Level 5 AI, started from the back of the field for each race

  • Playing on a somewhat potato PC (Win 10, 3.6 GHz 6-core Xeon, RX6600, game is installed on an SSD with approximately 1000MB/s read and 1700MB/s write speed) - I’m able to average 60fps @ 1080p on mostly Medium and some High settings


What? How? :sob:

That “pin wheel” goes chug chug freeze… hang then have to kill the game with task manager and even then it stays frozen for a few seconds then the end process tab pops up. Had the long loading into the tracks back in update 6 and update 7 no problems, now back to problems.

From the ground up


That really is a toaster/potato.

Did you continue playing after that race? I had picked a tune that I wasn’t comfortable and had to let the rest of the field by, instead of pushing and possibly wrecking someone elses race.

The following race I picked a car I felt more comfortable with, and the racing got better. Normally I’d get collected and give up after that race.

Update 8.0 really made the game more fun. The AI in single player is SO much better - on most tracks. No extreme loading times before or after races.

In the Ginetta races, I had several races where I saw NO racers go off-track, and I didn’t have contact with any AI drivers - even when I started dead last.

When I got to Nordschleife in the Open races, I didn’t really need to pass anyone from starting midpack. They all took each other out by completely missing the initial turns. Makes me wonder why the AI is so much improved on most tracks and not so much on others…

I’m on Series X.

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The players Engine sound is completely messed up on the Ford GT500 '20 even if you turn down every other sound setting, it’s an update 8 or 8.1 issue

I know some have reported the Ginetta but I don’t have that issue, the above is the first experience of this sound issue and its because of this update… soo mods, move this to the correct location in the TSHUB as it’s a complete mess and log a vote for me when you do as I shouldn’t like the others here be doing the work for…


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For me it seems to be more a sign of insantiy to pay 120 Euros for a PC Game like I did and then just chicken out because there reappear some technical problems that was solved a bunch of fixes before.

Blame the game, not the player as they said… lol

And I wanted the BMW 1M Coupe…

But I will do the other races on the xbox series x though that little box couldn’t handle the heat of my attic apartment as well as my PC does. So most likely I can only do one race at a time because of the seasonal heat on my xbox. Only difference to the PC disaster will be the circumstance that I have not to download the game and reinstall it after every crash - at least I hope so. Didn’t start it one the xbox yet, maybe I face the same problems as on the pc there - who knows?

I should take it to a test now in the nighttime where the temperature cools down a little bit…

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FM8 and Exxon Mobil start a partnership. It’s an ominous statement for ExxonMobil to throw their support into a “sinking ship”.


I’m totally ok with the new Mobil 1 partnership and logos in Maple.

They should remove all the fake brands like “prorrata”, “division oil” and such things that kill the immersion and race atmosphere in the racetracks.

T10 have lots of brands logos in the vynil editor by default already, why they not spread those real sponsors around all the circuits instead of uninspired names and logos?


Having all those logos in the vinyl editor is one thing, having the licenses to use them at a certain track is most likely a whole other story…


This game needs a better ghosting system. Too many instances where people drive off the road or get knocked off the road and when they merge back they end causing a ridiculous pile up. It seriously ruins the fun to constantly have this occur less than 60 seconds after the race starts. I went from podium position, got sideswiped and knocked into last place.

Just ghost the players once they leave the road and 2-3 seconds after all 4 tires return to the road. Very deflating to lose so many spots when you arent the one at fault.

Virginia and Brands Hatch for the spotlight playlist, its a constant occurence.

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Yeah I’m just having a dig for those old enough to remember the Exxon Valdez oil spill

Totally, the fake branding kills the immersion and looks cheap


I’m ok with fake sponsors on fake tracks. But I don’t think it’s good partnerships when real companies sponsor fake tracks.


Virginia for D or E class need a better hot lap position. It takes 40 seconds to reach the start line for your qualifying lap in the spotlight car this week.

Seems a little steep for such a slow car.

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I’m waiting for exactly these things too. it would improve the game significantly.

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My safety rating just now dropped from A to E in 1 Featured Multiplayer race.
It was a perfectly clean race - I had no incidents or penalties whatsoever.
(Skill rating remained around the same as before at 4,920.)

…Edit: and just now after 1 more perfectly clean Featured Multiplayer race, my safety rating jumped from E all the way up to S - from one extreme to the other.
I guess maybe something funky might be going on at the moment.

This could be just a visual glitch, just like with driver level being reset after every race a couple of months ago (a bug introduced with Update 2 and fixed with Update 3 IIRC).