FM Connection issue reports after July 2024 update (servers etc)

Connection issue reports after July 2024 update

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  • As with any bug, the first troubleshooting step is to quit your game and restart your device to see if the issue clears.
  • If the issue persists after a restart, read the “Multiplayer, Online, and Network Connection Troubleshooting” article at Forza Support. This article provides steps to troubleshoot various types of connection issues on both PC and console.
  • If the article does not help resolve your connection issue, we’re asking players to report their issue details in this topic and upvote it to help alert the team to emerging issues that are preventing players from getting into the game and features.


Include the following details when posting here:

  • The date and time when you first experienced the issue. You can use the Insert Date/Time feature in the top edit bar of your reply, or provide a relative time (‘an hour after the Autumn season changed’)
  • Your game version (which should be *.649.948.0 after the June 18 update)
  • Your game edition and device (such as Premium or Cloud, Windows/Steam/console (and which console)
  • Account permissions and sharing
  • Your region and language setting
  • Whether you are using a VPN to connect
  • Whether the connection issue is specific to multiplayer, certain features, or the entire game
  • Screenshots and/or Video of error messages if you can provide them
  • Confirm that you have attempted to quit/restart your game and whether that cleared the issue.
  • Whether this is consistent in the same circumstances or apparently random
  • Note if you have submitted a related ticket at Forza Support.

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This topic is only for connection issues that occur after the most recent content update; all other issues should be reported in separate topics.

Game won’t start after new update. Have shut down PC 3 times and same issue every time. Screen states ‘optimizing shaders’, gets to 100% then just has the spinning icon for 10 minutes and does nothing.

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Also receiving Norton message that the Forza update does not have a valid digital signature.

Hi @here.
Any tips for xbox?

internet test shows everything is good
Also other video games (such as: halo infinite, fall guys, call of duty warzone, etc) are working fine.
Download speed: ranging between 8 _ 21 Mbps
Upload speed: 1 Mbps
Ping: ranging between 80 _ 140 ms
Packet loss: % 0
Drivatar designs : off
Language: English US
region: US
internet type: ADSL
This bug happens %90 of the time unfortunately.
Hardware: xbox series x
Connection type: cable
No change in terms of the hardware (not even the controller)
Both xbox & forza are updated to the latest version.
Already submitted a ticket to support.

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- Time of issue:
Started back in update 7 or 8.

- Your game version:
Latest update

- Your game edition:
Playing on PC through Game Pass.

- Account permissions and sharing:
Playing on PC with Admin account/rights, Gamepass account differs from Windows Account. (Logged in windows with account A, logged into windows store with account B).

- Your region and language setting:
West-Europe, The Netherlands. I have my windows language on English.

- Whether you are using a VPN to connect:
NO VPN, 1GBPS Fiber connection.

- Whether the connection issue is specific to multiplayer, certain features, or the entire game:
Getting into the game is almost impossible to do normally. I always have to start the game in free play offline mode. When i press that the game message on top of the screen pretty much says “connection restored” before i even get in to the offline free play menu. When i get to the free play offline menu it asks to return to online play and load xbox player profile. This usually works, not always but most of the time. It will boot me back to intro menu but this time in “online mode”. Usually no problem with connection when i am in the game, once in a while i get pushed into an American lobby where i get the poor connection popup but this is only when i play after working the nightshift and there aren’t many people in my region most likely. Doesn’t happen too often.

- Screenshots and/or Video of error messages if you can provide them:
I could but its basically a one minute video of me finalizing shaders, getting connection error and clicking Free play offline. Not really anything happening out of the ordinary during this process. I have also ran a ping towards an external ip simultaneously when starting the game. None of the pings ever fail to deliver, basically my connection is alive always, fast enough and i dont experience any difficulties player any other game online.*

- Confirm that you have attempted to quit/restart your game and whether that cleared the issue:
No it does not help, sometimes i have to restart the game a couple of times because even the free play online method wont work.

- Whether this is consistent in the same circumstances or apparently random:
Unfortunately consistently present for the last 2 to 3 months, honestly i am facing this for so long i dont even remember if it was update 7, 8 or the hotfix one.

-Note if you have submitted a related ticket at Forza Support:
I have not, i have made reports on the forum though in hopes of finding other people experiencing the same problem, so its actually something going around and not just me. I have already tried all the available suggested fixes, including running xbox app repair which resets all network settings and xbox related services. Literally at the point where my only option left is to try and make a clean install of windows entirely. To my knowledge nothing weird has happened for this to concur besides being always up to date with windows update and the game. Hardware or internet has not changed compared to when it was working fine.

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Happy for you :grinning:

It’s the ultimate “I’m 1000% certain it’s not this” flex

Hi @SjaakSoewarte . Please submit a ticket to the support.

Hi @FennecTailz . Any tips?

I’ve had issues with my Intel NIC disconnecting occasionally. I would check if there are any outstanding issues known with your network interface driver and possibly rolling back to a previous version.

I’m on xbox.

Hi @SjaakSoewarte & @FennecTailz . How youtubers can play the game?

I live in the Netherlands, 20KM away from one of the biggest internet exchanges (AMS-IX) in Western-Europe, so yea it might have come off as a flex, but i am also sure my internet is connected when all of this reported issues happen. Everything wired no wifi, basically no shenanigans that could potentially cause interruptions.

Tried lots of different suggested settings, also for the router/network side of things…basically at the point the finger to the game or startup process before you get into main menu.

@Pooya995016 I dont think its a widespread problem but i wouldnt necessary write it off as a small thing, there are other forums i see people reporting the same problem. I tried to direct them to this forum but i cant control if they dont want to do it and simply move on to other games.
In the end after trying few times i will end up online and can play the game, i just dont want to fight the game for 10 mins or more just to be able to play. :grin:

I am having these problems on my PC ON EVERY SINGLE STARTUP. On my Series S the game runs perfectly fine.