Flying Cars and Random Braking cars

Anyone else noticed they are getting their opponents appear to be flying and/or random braking while in multiplayer?

Sounds like lag!

I tried driving under a flying one once and found out he still occupies a place on the ground. Boy, was he an angry one!


It means you’re lagging, on their screen they’d be firmly on the road like any player, but you end up hitting them and not sure what their screen shows lol, another reason why collisions off all the time would be useful :slight_smile:

This is not the case for me, If there is a car or 2 flying all over the place then THEY are ones that are lagging, not me. However if I’m lagging it does a slow-mo then speed up thing(only happened once to me, but happens to a buddy with a bad connection all the time).

Lag, Been playing Titanfall alot which runs on Azure regional servers…Forza 5 seems to connect to a single server which if in the US would give alot more lag to European/Australian/Asia gamers.

Yeah its lag

Check you connection on the Xbox One. Settings > Network Settings > troubleshooting > detailed network statistics
2Mb download and 1Mb upload or higher should be good enough without packets loss. Or make sure your NAT on the router is set to OPEN.

No one likes racing with terrible connection online. It is 2014 for crying-out-loud.