Jumping Cars?

I have been playing some various multiplayer games and I’ve noticed what appears like the cars of the opponent(s) are jumping up and down and going left and right and then seems like when focused on my car that they instantly flip me over and bounce on top of me. Is this normal or some special thing that you can do? Just seems different and I don’t know what it is. Just curious to what this may be. If anyone has any details please share. Thank you.

Enoki Soju


If everyone is doing it, you’re lagging.

If only one or two people are doing it, they are lagging.

This is common since you’ll likely race people from other countries.

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So how is it that it seems they are instantly like bouncing and throwing my car up in the air though? I’ve seen races where people were driving parallel to another person trying to pass them and they just move over just a little bit nudge them and they just go flying way up in the air doing barrel rolls.

It is, as said above caused by lag. What your seeing maybe not what the rest are seeing. Lag causes some really strange incidents.

Definitely lag.

Been that way at least since Forza 3 although the slow down lag on 5 is new for me. My advice is if u see someone lagging maybe give them a little more room than u would do usually

Went ‘multiplayer’ tonight, was obvious some were ramming (even if I gave plenty of room) but some of it was born out of the lagging.

At times when people spoke, my ability to turn or slow down was reduced!? Is this normal of lag?


Jumping cars online looks quite funny, but is extremely annoying when driving in a good race.
These people should spend money on good internet connection.

Doesn’t matter if you’re playing someone from the other side of the globe. I like Australians and Japanese. They usually race pretty good. They also lag frequently since I’m in the US. I’ve noticed similar when I was doing small tournament where everyone was from the UK. Lobbies frequently have players from all over the world since there usually isn’t enough people from one country to support a lobby.

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