Flaw / loophole when doing solo races against drivatars

I seem to have stumbled upon a flaw / loophole in the game when doing solo races against drivatars. If you select a car with for example Class A all drivatars will be Class A as well however just before the race starts you can tune your car and you can goto the tunebrowser as well. You can from here download a higher class (for example S1 / S2 or so) tuning and install the parts in your card. At this stage you are going to drive against drivatars with this cars new class and parts while the drivatars are still the original (A) class. Making races easy to win as your car is seriously overpowerd compared to the drivatars.

Should this be considered a bug ?

I’d say that is a bug. It sounds more like an oversight than something they intended.

any idea where i should report this then ?

Oh no you have found the game cheat that every player takes advantage of to ruin all of the time results.

There are no times, right? But it’s a good tip for me.