[FIXED] No free DLC cars with car pass?

Im having the same problem.
I’ve got the car pass and downloaded the g shock car pack free of charge like normal but go into the in game car show to find that each car from the pack costs credits to buy them even thought it’s the first time I’ve gone to buy them when 1st times for the cars should be free. Very annoying seeing as the ferrari 500 mondial is round the 1 million credit mark. Also I’m having the trouble with the tokens aswell. Bought one of the 10,000 token packs so I could get my hands on the 250 GTO Ferrari got charged and everything but the tokens don’t show up go to buy the car: insufficient credits want to buy with car tokens instead? Sends me straight to the page with all the available token packs to buy

Same issue here. Never happened before, just now with this January pack.

I’m having the same problem

just bought the ultimate edition plus all remaining dlc and NONE of my cars are free,all require credits. im sitting in neice just after autoshow unlocked yet no free cars

just a quick info update. i seem to have lost all my cars when like some others i logged on after a few months of inactive play on the old forza h2 game,decided to upgrade to the 10th aniv ultimate edition digital and then buy the remaining dlc the ult edition did not come with, installed on xbox1 and started up, system started the sync then 43 minutes later proceded to freeze and throw my happy arse back to the dashboard screen. resulting in nothing being free at all. but map reveal worked, keep the map, ill take the cars please, i hope this can be resolved before my forza h3 ultimate is out,was looking forward to a complete run through horizon 1 2 and 3. turn 10, help an old racer out if youve got the spare time. thanks for the great games and im looking forward to FH3

issue resolved. speedy service. thaks helios turn 10 and moderators.

ok, not to complain but 1 group of cars did not get fixed and put back to free, the team forza cars are not fixed so if someone could get that when they can i would be greatful. thank you

Hi there, same problem this week over here. Playing FH2 for a while, bought Car Pass this week on sale, but all cars still not free. Tried restart, uninstall and so on. Any solution? Thanks in advance!

Which cars precisely??

In Marketplace all car packs read i’ve bought them as should be, but in the buy cars section, i still have to buy them with ingame currency. This concerns all of the packs included in car pass.

Same happened to me right now. Bought the Complete Add-ons Collection (on sale right now as a gold member) and all cars in the marketplace are flagged as purchased but still cost credits. “This content has already been purchased”. Bought a car to check and it wasn’t free at all.


Have the exact same problem. Purchased the complete addons collection on my Xbox one x and NONE of the cars are free in-game. The description of the car packs clearly state that you should get one free purchase of each car with no in-game credits spent. Called Microsoft and they told me to wait 24 to 48 hours for the cars to go on sale and then call them back back if the problem still remains.

UPDATE: 48 hours later, still no cars. Microsoft cannot do anything further and suggests that I contact Turn 10.

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Received an answer from xbox support.
They tell me that the FH2 servers have been shut down indefinitely, which explains why no car is being updated to ‘free’ status any longer, and offered me a complete refund.

Not what I was looking for, but thanks anyway to xbox support.

Turn10 / Playground Games, anyone?

Exactly the same problem here, too.
I had previously purchased FH2 Ultimate during the E3 sale, and each car pack included in the car pass was working as expected: all cars could be added to the garage for free.
Now, four days ago I’ve purchased the ‘Complete Add-Ons Collection’ to get the remaining car packs and expansions, but no car coming from those additional car packs - although listed as ‘purchased’ - is free, not even the Porsche ones from the Porsche expansion.
Reset, hard reset, uninstall, reinstall, savedata deleted, nothing has solved the issue.

To see if something was wrong with the Complete Add-Ons collection, I’ve also purchased the Pre-Order Car Pack, but it has the same issue: all cars are listed as purchased but none is free.

The main game and the following two dlcs have been purchased with the same account, which is the only one I use. Also, none of those cars has already been added to my garage.
I don’t know if it’s a server-side issue or not, but I’ve had to scrap my previously saved gamedata, and this is rather annoying.
If this sale was meant to promote FH4, well, I’m sure there’s a lot of room for improvements… :confused:

Is this the account that purchased the packs?
Have you done a full restart of your xbox as well?
Otherwise could be a server issue and not much you can do (aside from use the abundant credits in game).

Yes, only got one account. Tried full restart, reinstall of game and addons and so on. Also thought of a server issue. Could be the only thing left. But without any external help, I’m out of luck…

Still not working - trying every day!
No chance for help?

I know this post is old but the same is happening to me right now. Bought the FH2 Complete Add-Ons Collection (on sale as a gold member) and installed it. All cars cost credits. Bought a car to check despite not flagged as free and it really was not free. When I go to the marketplace I get the message “this content has already been purchased” and all the cars are flagged as purchased.
Playing the Anniversary Edition on my Scorpio.
Did a restart, hard reset and all the options mentioned in this post. - still not working.

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I believe you need to wait a couple of hours for it to reflect on the game.
It often happens with people who purchased the DLC the same day.

Hey everyone,

Make sure you email forzafb@microsoft.com

Put FH2 Complete Addons in the subject line so I can look for them. Also include your gamertag and which Xbox you are playing on. If you’ve already emailed and I have responded, then there is no need to email again. We are working on resolving this right now and I’d like to have an accurate list of everyone whos been affected.

Thank you

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Having the exact same issue. I sent an email per the below. Thanks. Looking forward to your reply.