So i wonder how long before whoever is re sponsible for fixing GAMEBREAKING glitches to fix it. I paid for a game that i cant even go any further in the game. Please fix these problems fast. I have already deleted and reinstalled this piece of crap and still broken. Im giving it 2 days before i return and just get a different game.

Raging about it isn’t gonna make them fix it any faster. They are currently working to solve the problems. Just chill. Most of the game works anyways…

I know. I rage alot and got short temper.

Do you have a disc? If you do you might have a defective disc .

Only issues I have had is that it takes a while to collect the credits after a race, and the whole Xbox One gets really slow when this game is playing. Other than that, it’s pretty good.

The only problem I have is that game has to be played on Xbox and not on a PS4. You know, a console that was actually designed correctly for modern gaming.

Go ahead and return it now.