Some Bugs That NEED To Be Fixed + The Goliath

I’m probably going to sound like a rambling idiot in this whole post, but honestly I’m pretty mad right now and I wanna hopefully get the fact these glitches exist out to the public, and hopefully if Turn 10 themselves find out and fix it, well that’d be just great. The reason I’m mad is because I was attempting the 50 lap Goliath race and while I was in the middle of racing the game restarted due to this glitch. Basically, what’s happening is my controller batteries are low, and I don’t have anymore so I figured I’d have to turn them on again and again, meaning I can only race for 30 seconds max without being interrupted. Now, here’s the thing about Forza and when it notify’s you the controller’s disconnected. The first time it does so, and the few times after that, It’s fine. It tells me to reconnect the controller and I do so, having to accept that I’ll have to play like this because the Xbox One goes through batteries quicker than toilet paper disappears in public restrooms, so It’s my bad for not stocking up on them. But eventually, for some weird reason, after a few times of this happening, It’ll turn off and then just automatically kick me off of my account and restart the game! If you’ve ever had to restart the Goliath, you’ll understand the frustration I’m feeling right now. So yeah, if Turn 10 ever reads this, can you get on that please? It’s been a problem since launch!

On a side note, another glitch I encounter sometimes is that instead of showing the rewind, sometimes the rewind showing is completely black, which can be very disorientating. Not as important really, but you might wanna think about getting that patched.

Oh, and last thing, does the Goliath 50 lap still give you lots of credits and XP, or did they nerf it in the update or something, can anyone confirm this?

It hasn’t been patched , BUT if you use rewind on 6th+ laps it will glitch and throw you 5 places behind.

In Goliath, don’t use rewind, plain and simple. Memory is too short and will reset you all over the place eventually. Just pause, press L3 (click the left stick) and use the car reset feature. It’s safer and won’t leave you all over the map regardless of how many laps you’re doing.