rewind is broken

I was using rewind on the last lap on the goliath circuit and it teleported me to the first lap and put me in last place



This PROPERLY made me laugh :slight_smile:

I’ve genuinely not read ahead of this post but has the OP done a forum search of “Goliath” or rewind" at any point?

Edit: Sorry OP, I only read the thread title about rewind being broken, your post did mention Goliath!

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I don’t bother anymore, I still waiting my dollar for every one of these posts so I can retire

there’s another one complaining about crashing on the 9th lap of 10 and wanting compensation of at least 400k for it

I just about give up , this forum is toxic
feel so sorry for Nitro

ok, DON’T USE REWIND WHEN RACING ON GOLIATH !!! especially if you are doing more than 5 laps
if you crash press “reset vehicle” instead

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Don’t drive charismaticly either, I drive smooth and cautiously so I don’t crash (I have some clips on my profile if you want to see what that looks like). Also make a proper tune, if you can’t make one then I have some on my storefront or just get a random tune (beware though some people don’t tune well), If you still suck then you need practice. Goliath is a easy race idk why ppl make it seem so difficult.

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Ok let’s go.

Grinding on Goliath…

  1. Pick a credits boost car. A fast one, obviously, not the Polaris buggy.
  2. Use double down and xp bump perks.
  3. Make the weather fixed and early afternoon.
  4. Do not try to go for record lap times. Instead, avoid having your skill chains broken.
  5. Don’t bother using rewind. AI enemies are magically slow on the straights.

6 laps is less than an hour, 10 laps is about one hour and a half.

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