FH5 will be released in 2022, theoritically

Hey everyone! Just a quick “information” sharing. As of 2020.07.27., I did some maths, and I found out that FH5 will probably be released in 2022 if everything’s right.
I’m sure that some of y’all must have heard about last year’s leak (120 or more than 120 cars according to the game files will be released in future update, or some of them were already released). This was a leak in 2019 November. I watched a YT video about the leaked cars, again, and I did some counting: 89 cars from the video are still unreleased+3 cars which weren’t in the video but are coming in Update 25! So, that’s 92 unreleased cars, at least. Every 4 week there’s an update coming, usually there are 4 cars in each updates, but this time only 3 because August, I guess… 92:4=23. That’s 23 more updates at least, counting Update 25. Every 4 week=28 days. 28x23=644 days=Year 2022.

Every year, we usually got a new Forza game: One year a Motorsport episode, another year a new Horizon episode. The brand new, unreleased Motorsport game is still in early development, so I assume it will come out in 2021, at least that’s what I found logical. If Motorsport comes out in 2021, then Horizon 5 will come out in 2022 with a good chance. I’m not saying I’m 100% sure, but I find that logical.

Feel free to share your thoughts!

PS: If I did a mistake by posting this thread in the wrong section, please don’t delete it! It took me some time to write down my thoughts and to draft this.

Turn10 works on new engine so when it’s done they can start to build everything. From the longer perspective it looks like X1 fail wasn’t enough for MS so currently I am a bit worried about Xbox future completely :smiley:

Not all the cars in the leaked list will necessarily make it into the game. Many of them might. But a leak is just a leak. Nothing confirmed, nothing promised.

Playground has also been working on Fable, which was announced last week. So unless they went on a hiring blitz, between that and the various Horizon updates they’ve had over the past few months, I wouldn’t expect they’ve even begun Horizon 5 in earnest yet. Preliminary work, maybe; deciding on setting, basic planing, but if they’re not comfortable announcing it yet, then they’re probably not all that deep into development.

At this point, I think 2022 is a good guess, but rather optimistic.

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Perhaps it will be just Forza Horizon and no 5. At least 2 years away, FM has to come out and you figure 1 year of that being out until the next Horizon, Could easily be 2022 FM and 2023 Horizon. Fingers crossed for earlier, maybe Fall 2021 FM and 2022 Horizon.

Maybe they could take our suggestion and release remastered Horizon 1, & 2 maps under the current engine to fill the gap. Maybe even Horizon 3 if they’re feeling ambitious. If it shares a garage with Horizon 4, it wouldn’t need any updated car list. Just the maps.

Call it Horizon 4½ :smiley:

You don’t need remaster at all. Horizon 3 needs 60 FPS badly and it should be possible on new Xbox. Horizon 2 should be much easier to use 60 FPS with current FHD resolution. First one needs 60 FPS only.

Everything should be possible. One problem is if the design of the games is tight to 30 FPS (Horizon 3 works already on PC). Second problem is with licenses.

I would love anything new about Horizons because it’s great racing simulator with open world. If nothing come I will buy Playstation first like with X1. Horizon 3 saved X1 for me and Horizon 4 made unbeatable beast from it :smiley:

I just saw a Forza Horizon 5 trailer. Is it coming out the same time as Forza Motorsport?

All Forza Horizon 5 trailers I came across which said they’re official, are turn out to be fan-make aka unofficial I’m afraid, so far, I highly doubt what you watched is another one of them. I’ll wait to see if there will be a new Horizon game on the Xbox Series, and how it performs.

2022 is a long wait, but I don’t mind for a quality gamesoft. Fighting to you guys who are working on it, if you’re working on it, I hope some people are working on it.