[FH5] Test Drive DLC Content including Premium Add on Cars/Car Packs

I was moderating over a server and one of the common things I see is players wondering how the dlc cars perform. Wondering if they should purchase this dlc or not. I wont say yes or no as I want to stay unbiased in the matter. I am working on creating Super 7’s to test these cars. I know you can do the same with eventlabs… but Super 7’s give you more freedom. Freedom to explore the map and photograph the cars where you want. Essentially letting you test the cars or photograph them for promo before you buy them. (This list is a living list and will progressively change as time goes by → WIP) Disclaimer: All of these cars are fully stock. No modifications are done to enhance performance at all. Without further or do…

Premium Add-On Content
Welcome Pack - 5 Cars total
-2018 Apollo Intensa Emozione “Welcome Pack” - Share Code: 866 907 159
-2020 Ford #2069 Ford Bronco R “Welcome Pack” - Share Code: 527 078 968
-2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X GSR “Welcome Pack” - Share Code: 139 313 629
-2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo S “Welcome Pack” - Filtered Will be Re-done
-1998 Toyota Supra RZ “Welcome Pack” - Share Code: 700 497 905

Formula Drift Car Pack- 8 Cars Total
-1975 Forsberg Racing Nissan ‘Gold Leader’ Datsun 280z - Share Code: 999 560 630
-2010 Forsberg Racing Toyota Gumout 2JZ Camry Stock Car - Share Code: 439 749 807
-2020 Formula Drift #91 Bmw M2 - Share Code: 125 157 973
-2017 Formula Drift #356 Chevrolet Corvette ZO6
-2009 Formula Drift #99 Mazda RX-8
-2019 Formula Drift #411 Toyota Corolla Hatchback
-2020 Formula Drift #151 Toyota GR Supra - Share Code : 598 874 064
-1995 Formula Drift #34 Toyota Supra MKIV

Car Pass - 34 Cars Total
-2021 Aston Martin DBX - Share Code: 160 437 810
-2020 Audi RS 3 Sedan - Share Code: 784 023 040
-2018 Audi RS 5 Coupe - Share Code: 627 734 671
-2018 Audi TT RS - Share Code: 123 634 990
-2020 Bmw M8 Competition Coupe - Share Code: 158 041 817
-2008 Dodge Magnum SRT-8 - Share Code: 354 392 922
-2017 Ferrari #25 Corse Clienti 488 Challenge - Share Code: 896 868 120

Rally Expansion

Hot Wheels Expansion

Non Premium Add-On Content
Horizon Racing Car Pack - 4 Cars Total

Italian Exotics Car Pack - 7 Cars Total

Super Speed Car Pack - 4 Cars Total

American Automotive Car Pack - 4 Cars Total



This is a great initiative mate!!

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Thanks So much definitely a task and a half. Wanted to do them on an alt to not flood my main account. Then ran into filter issues which are annoying. Plus time with college and finals coming up. It may be a while til its fully completed

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in case it helps, here is a list of all 92 DLC cars (alphabetical order by manufacturer then reverse numerical order by year then reverse numerical order by PI)

#6165 Truck
#122 AC Class 1
Apollo IE WP
AM DBX '21
Audi RS 3 '20
Audi RS 5 '18
Audi TT RS '18
BMW M8 Comp
Brabham BT62
No.4402 Ultra 4
Chevy Trail Boss
COPO Camaro '18
Czinger 21C
DeBerti Shop Rod
Dodge Magnum
Charger '69 FE
Elemental Rp1
Ferrari 296 GTB
Ferrari Roma
Ferrari Monza
Ferrari FXX-K E
No.25 Ferrari 488
Ferrari J50 '17
F-150 Lightning
Bronco R WP
Ford Lightning
#4 Ford Focus
Ford Puma FE
Ford Mustang SVO
Ford Coupe FE
#151 FD Supra
No.91 BMW M2
#411 FD Corolla
#357 Corvette
#99 Mazda RX-8
#34 Toyota Supra
‘SafariZ’ 370Z
FR Stock Car
Datsun 280Z
Venom F5
Hoonigan Scumbug
Baja Bone Shaker
Hot Wheels BTTB
Hot Wheels Deora
Jaguar XJ220S
Jaguar XJ13
#179 Hammerhead
#240 Jimco TT
X-Bow GT2
Huracán Tecnica
Lambo SCV12
Lambo SC20
Huracán EVO
#63 Lambo Trofeo
Espada 400GT '73
Lexus RC F '20
Lotus Emira
Mazda 323 GT-R
McLaren 620R
Mercury Cyclone
MG SV-R '05
Lancer GSR WP
Mosler MT900 GT3
Nissan 370Z '19
Noble M400
Toronado '66
Huayra R '22
Zonda Oreo
RZR Racing
Cayman GT4 RS
Taycan S WP
911 Speedster
Porsche 911 SC
Renault 8
#37 Pro 4 Truck
Sportruck XR
Saleen S7 LM
Schuppan 962CR
Toyota Tundra
Toyota Tacoma
Supra '98 WP
VW Golf R '22
VW Golf R '21
VW Pickup '82

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Thats very nice of you. Really appreciate it!

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no problem!

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I think the most time consuming part in this honestly is running into Filter issues. Nothing like having it done but then get the inappropriate filter popup :sweat_smile:

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not quite sure what you mean - inappropriate filter? which menu is this?

Sometimes when your sharing anything ugc (user generated content) related. You get a inappropriate filter popup. Whether it be a slur that accidentally was made between two words… And the filter assumes circumvention. Or a number you didnt even know was part of the filter. Xbox’s filter itself is quite strict.

When you run into this issue. You get to delete it and troubleshoot what is flagging it. Since I play on controller typing takes ages.

right - there is some support for mouse and keyboard if that helps

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Honestly should just go out and buy a cheap usb keyboard at some point.

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I have one plugged in but am so used to NOT using it that I forget!

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Oh man :sweat_smile::rofl:

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We’re all busy in general in our daily lives…n of-course you need a lot of time to complete the whole on your own…so here is a plan…lets allocate the cars into the interested people…n it’ll be easier…i’m in but i don’t have those special promotion cars like oreo zonda!!

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I have the special promo cars done already thankfully and that is an awesome idea. That is if your willing ofc. That is very generous of you.

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Ok then…lets make a plan n build it…

Do you happen to have a discord by chance or some way to easier communicate with you.

Yeah i have discord

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