FH5 race allocation algorithm

Forza Horizon 5 is still a very frustrating game to play. Alot of players want to race in S1 and S2 street races. The game’s current race allocation algorithms keep allocating boring, slow races such as A, B, C, D class in mixed surface or cross country.

Racing S2 road races was great fun in FH4 and we had a great sense of a global FH4 community. However it is very rare to get to race in S2 road races in FH5 and there is no sense of global community. This is driving alot of players away from FH5 and it will not realise its potential.

I often spend 30mins or half my game time, trying to find a decent race.

Please fix the race allocation algorithm to schedule alot more S2 races or introduce custom adventures like in FH4


They have hinted at revising online racing. Literally no one likes the current state which is a step backwards from FH4.

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I agree with CleverPlayer

I want the S2 races
I’m tired of the A races and cross country
Those kind of races are funny but there’s a moment that I get bored cause it’s so slow

The community wants to feel the emotion and adrenaline that S2 races offer

The convoy system doesn’t worth because nobody stays in the same room to enjoy a race
And rarely in the room stays 5 racers but the convoy leader it’s playing alone :man_facepalming:t2:

I getting bored and sometimes I don’t play online cause it’s the same.

I hope they understand and give us back again the S2 Races

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Agreed, the race setup needs addressing. I don’t bother racing any more and its the only reason i bought the game but now its not worth the pain. I don’t do dirt races much, not my thing, don’t mind them as a weekly challenge but that’s it, now i don’t have a choice! Custom adventure gave me what i wanted when i wanted it and kept me on the game for years.

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Agree 100% with Clever!

Custom adventures were the most fun and entertaining mode in FH4.

It’s really disappointing there aren’t any in FH5 yet.

Still waiting for it!

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Dont worry,you are getting exactly what you want,but next week you will be in here whining about S2 dirt racing. You obviously do not play online very much. Just yestrrday almost every event offered was S classed. 4 straight S2 dirt races offered in a row. Yeah,get started on the posts now,I got the popvorn at the ready.
You do realize you can create custom races,S2 road,dry weather only right? You can even recruit other like mindef people eithrr herr or on Reddit to partake in your custom S2 Road races. Streamets do it all the time. Oh yeah,that requires you to actually do something tho,muh bad.

We really would like to play the kind of races we like, to have the posibility of racing with o without colllisions could be great as well.
In my case, I prefer road races and I have to enter to MP, to go out and to enter again until there is a road race.
I will wait sometime for this change because of the friends but if it continues in the same way I’ll move to Asseto or GT.


I am not aware of how to create custom races in fh5 like we had in fh4 where u could specify the class, surface, col on/off. Perhaps u can enlighten us…