Why no more S2 Offroad? Why players have no Choice over types of races? Please add this feature!

S2 Offorad was so much fun - no matter how skillfull you are, it is very easy to make mistakes - highly challenging, interesting and FUN to play??? Why removed in latest patch?
Why is S2 Street not being removed?

Somehow you guys seem to lack basic Game Design / Player experience Strategy:

If you wish to DRAMATICALLY improve the player experience, without a lot of investment, do the following Fix:


E.G. in the Menu for open racing:

  1. Offroad (NO STREETS at ALL!!!)
  2. Dirttracks (Dirt and Street Mix / Ralley style)
  3. Street (Only Street / Tarmac racing)
  4. Drift Racing
    5 Eliminator

PLUS: Ideally a SUBMENU for respective classes! (A, S1, S2, X, etc.)

Then you will see quickly, which races have NO demand or HIGH demand and can use this info for all kind of events and new tracks.

If I want to play offroad, but get only 3 times street racing offered in a row, this sux. Need to exit car Menu, open Open racing Menu again, load again, hope again, wait again. This process sux. Costs time and server capacity for no reason. It is bad enough that I cannot chose the class for each race. This could make me cancel even an offroad race due to wrong class “offered”.

Why do you think players are 100% indifferent what type of race and what type of class (S1, S2, etc.) they play? They all have preferences at any given time!
Let them CHOOSE.
And if this means 1 Minute extra wait time… so what? If it means 10 Minute extra wait time and this is being estimated / displayed, I could still choose to play another type of race in the meantime.

Please fix this basic feature. Would be highly efficient.

Another observation: what about times in general? Why I do not see anymore how far/ how many seconds I am behind the leader? In FH4 you could see if you were catching up or continue loosing time against your opponent. FH5 lacks this basic racing simulator feature.


This is one change that was actually good. It was very hard to make any of the trucks or SUVs offroad S2s. I think it was probably never supposed to be a thing (they removed it from Fh4 too) but it got put in at launch by mistake. I agree you should be able to race what you want but I always quit if s2 offroad came up, I’m guessing most people did


While I never did race S2 offroad, or any S2 for that matter as S2 on road is just a tire smokefest; I agree with your post. I would like to see ALL classes including C and D available so we have the option to use some of our slower cars. It also would be nice to select what we want to race instead of constantly backing in and out of Horizon Open over and over again. Also really sucks now that when you actually find what you want to race, there is only 3 races in a championship as apposed to the 5 there used to be. And yes, why are there no times indicated between cars???

As simple as this, creators need to go play FH3 and bring forza horizon back to its roots. All this dead time spent waiting for something you probably dont want to do is ridiculous. They are destroying the franchise.


Voting Screens maybe? Thats something I miss.

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Because it sucks.