FH2 Syncing Problem

I had a syncing issue yesterday with FH2. It took literally like 9 hours to sync back up but when it did I had nothing. It took me back to the introduction teaching you how to drive and stuff. I was almost level 300 and I had almost every car in the game and a whole bunch of money. If there is any way to get all of my stuff back please let me know. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Send the information to the developers at forzafb@microsoft.com. They can check on the server side to see if anything can be done.

Thank you very much.

Snowowl, Same thing happen to me on Forza 5 lvl 3600, 300,000,000 credits and 300+ cars gone. Just e-mailed the link above u said. Automatic message back says to many emails to individually answer. And the links they send u to don’t do cr@p anyway. So now what?



So forza will eventually email you back with help?

There is a chance you will receive an e-mail reply. They may also send you a message using the in-game message center. You may also receive a message containing gift credits and no actual reply from Turn10. I haven’t personally gone through this process so I’m not entirely certain. I do know that right now is a very busy time for them so they may not be replying to the e-mails but they do read them all.

If you haven’t heard back within a couple of business days you may also try sending a private message to one of the Turn10 staff on the forums - HeliosT10.

Got the same issue.

Gametag: Holkman91
Email: [Mod edit - WSD - Dont post email]

My game started to act wiered when trying to sync my save. I tried 3x 30 minutes to load the sync, but it never happened. When loggign on my girlfriends save on the same console, it only took a few seconds.
So I pressed cancle sync on attempt nr 4 and the save was oversaved by a new save. So when i now log on, I’m only level 4 while my old was 70+
The game does however keep track of all my previous information when it comes to speed traps, bucket lists, drivatar, messages etc. I even just recived a 100,00cr reward when I logged on from my previous save for some reason. So the save is for sure out there somewhere, jsut not accessable.
I’ve been in contact with xbox support chat, we’ve tested to delete my account and redownload it, hard reset the casha and power on xbox, nothing helps.
I’d appreciate some help.

With regards, jonathan.