Festival Playlist events and rewards June 6 - 13 (Winter S34)

3 lap circuits for Trial, especially short ones like Cathedral and Bolo, should be extended to 5.

This would allow players who get deliberately obstructed by other players more of a chance to catch up to the front once they get past said idiot player.

Really annoying seeing players just do the Trial to give others grief.

To be fair though, the AI drivatars are increasingly doing the same nowadays too.


I hate that showcase with the train. I dont know if its just me, but i either hit the train or the train hits me on the jump over 90% of the time, and thats no exaggeration. No matter what car they give us or in rivals, no matter what my pace is. I was on a x:43 pace … hit the train. Then on a x:46 pace … hit the train. Restart … hit the train 20 more times. Start fresh … hit the train. Hit the train, hit the train, hit the train. The only thing i didnt try was stopping and wait for the train to pass. Is that what im supposed to do? If so, then why time me? Why have rivals for it? ARRRRGGGGHHHHH! Help?

And in the trial today, i was on a 1:02 lap at Cathedral and some guy in a 97 M3 put half a lap on me in one lap. No aero but running sub 50 second laps. He swore up and down he wasnt cheating, so of course i believed him … so that means all of us running Cathedral laps over 1:00 are extremely slow. We need to get better.


Came back from holiday and there seems to be on average 3 stock cars each time I run the Trial lol
Thankfully yet to see what the 3rd race is


I had to laugh at the Championship C class Classic Sport Cars.

The old parable about the tortise and the hare rings true with this one.

As it was, my team mate turned up in a Fiat 124 Spider and i in a Elan Sprint. Race starts and Fiat flies off at a hundred mile an hour whilst I’m building up speed as i overtake AI.

First corner and Fiat goes off stopping well wide of the checkpoint. Here i come along, speed up now, take corner beautifully, past both AI that were in lead and now I’m in first.

Fiat stayed in bottom 2 whole of race and basically same on Race 2. I won both races.

Speed vs Handling? Handling all the time.


I haven’t used the Nissan Tsuru in any race before today so i thought i’d throw a tune on it and give it a bash in the B700 Retro Saloons Championship.

Went with @geistwriter tune and what a tune that one is.

Absolutely rock solid and grips like superglue when you need it to.

No matter how some of my team mates tried to bring me unstuck in the weaving to first place, it just stayed true and come home for the win.

I had so much fun in it that I’ve done several now and I’m still going. :blush:


Using the cars we never use has made the game so much better for me recently. I think some of them are hidden gems to that people don’t realize are really good. For me the dino and a few of the classic racers are like that.


The Ferrari Dino and the 365 GTB/4 are 2 little gems i don’t often pull out of the garage.

You have given me incentive to go give them a run on a couple of tracks this afternoon. :+1:

I’m really enjoying the playlist this weekend. It’s not often i redo on multiple occassions the Trial and Seasonal Champs.

And the tunes on offer (including yours) really give it a sense of “how’s this little beast gonna perform in this race” type of excitment :ok_hand::blush:

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Now done about 10 Trial runs. Used TGM’s tune on the M3 then @Watsonero77 's 850 tune and yet to see the 3rd race. Actually really nice to try different people’s tunes this week


I think it’s okay to say that this week was actually a success by forza. I see a lot of people running different tunes and playing the trial a lot. One of my favorite weeks in a while…so looking forward to classic racers. It’s a class I don’t tune at all except for my dino. Apparently I am a lame according to the discord group for not using the classic lambo or the mercedes. I guess I need to get tuning!!!


stock options, series 33 “Horizon Retrowave”, week 3 winter/dry

forzathon weekly “Berlinetta” – Ferrari F355

trial “Back to the 90s” – BMW M3 ’97 (ugh; beat 4 robots then 6)

eventlab “Aztec My Chances” – Porsche 968 (looks okay – why no enemies?)

eventlab “Le Capitaine” – Peugeot 205 T16 (not bad – why no enemies?)

games “King it On” – Hoonigan Escort (ugh, why did I choose this one?)

speed zone “Ladera” – Lambo Countach (a bit tricky; 85.69mph)

trail blazer “City Escape” – DeLorean DMC-12 (a bit tricky; 40.141s)

championship “2000 and Late” – Nissan GT-R ‘73 (easy wins)

championship “DTM Ready” – Audi RS 4 '01 (easy or fairly easy wins)

RA drift zone “Canyon Sweep” – ‘SafariZ’ 370Z (fairly easy; 113,438)

RA championship “Apex Evolution” – Ford RS200 (quite easy wins)

HW speed trap “Forest Edge” – 911 GT3 ‘04 (extremely easy; 212.41mph)

HW championship “Holden Oldies” – Lotus Elise GT1 (wins; easy/easy/not too hard)


I am definitely in awe of your commitment to using stock cars


thank you! most kind

The DeLorean in D class is a standout, :+1:


always satisfying to do something like that!

one thing I don’t quite get is the HW speed trap - that Porsche does not have a top speed as high as the requirement but it worked anyway - why are there these ones that are so absurdly easy?


This was one of the better weeks we’ve had, although it felt like we were one event short to get to 40 points without having to do something online, do a DLC event or wait until later in the week until enough dailies unlock.

The only feedback on the events themselves is that the trial doesn’t have enough vehicles to choose from, should have also included 80s BMWs and not just 90s.

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Forza Horizon 5: Festival Playlist Events - WINTER - SERIES 34
For players who need help: Cars and Tunes
GT: betinhogvz

Forzathon Weekly
Code Tune FERRARI F355 BERLINETTA 1994 … 497 919 746

The Trial: Back to the 90’s
Code Tune BMW M3 1997 … 156 420 041

Eventlab: Horizon Dubai Old Town
Code Tune TVR SAGARIS 2005 … 696 381 467

Eventlab: Le Capitaine
Code Tune LANCIA 037 STRADALE 1982 … 523 267 689

Playground Games
Code Tune FORD M-SPORT FIESTA RS 2017 … 456 892 310

Speed Zone: Ladera
Code Tune AUDI #2 AUDI SPORT QUATTRO S1 1986 … 608 811 287

Trailblazer: City Escape
Code Tune AUDI #2 AUDI SPORT QUATTRO S1 1986 … 608 811 287

Seasonal Championship: 2000 and Late
Code Tune CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1953 … 173 626 836

Seasonal Championship: DTM Ready
Code Tune VOLVO 850 R 1997 … 339 843 815


RA Drift Zonen: Canyon Sweep
Code Tune FORD M-SPORT FIESTA RS 2017 … 456 892 310

RA Championship: Apex Evolution
Code Tune FORD M-SPORT FIESTA RS 2017 … 456 892 310


HW Danger Sign: Forest Edge
Code Tune FERRARI F355 BERLINETTA 1994 … 497 919 746

HW Seasonal Championship: Holden Oldies
Code Tune FERRARI F355 BERLINETTA 1994 … 497 919 746

Super 7: Super Wheelspin


Was at a car meeting in France over the weekend so I just did the playlist stuff today.

The Trial was a clusterf…ield again. What’s wrong with the people? No skills, no effort and just braindead borking around.

The EVs were extremly loveless and boring. Why even pick these?

The Show Race was just lame. The train slowing down letting you pass at the end seems to indicate what kind of players this game is intended for by now.
I still remember how that female gamedesigner told us how she had changed the daytime, weather and music to give us a total different feel in one of the livestreams when it was reused the last time. Everybody was laughing at her for the low effort that was put into it and she did it again. :man_facepalming:

Overall this weeks playlist was just…mooooh.