Ferrari Kaido challenge

Well , a new year , a new challenge . This time around i am going with the Ferrari Testa Rossa on Fuji P2P C Reverse ( A class ) . The time to beat is 2:00:000 . The tune and paint to be used are up on my SF now . The comp will run from now until 4 weeks from today ( 13/02/15 ) , so you got plenty of time to see how quickly you can go on the track . The prizes this time are very simple 5m for posting a time and 5 m for beating the challenge time of 2:00:000 . Yakov Alfa is also generously donating a few prizes to the challenge . He is donating a BEAST of a car , an R1 class Nissan R35 and also a mystery car for beating the 2:00:000 challenge time .

Here is a pic of the car you will be using

Here is a pic of the R 35 donated by Yakov

Good luck and i hope ypu enjoy the challenge !!!


Thanks for running another, fun stuff as always. :slight_smile:

Also another great tune!

Replay Uploaded
LB #269

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Not on tonite but will in next couple days and get tune and paint and give it one heck of a try.

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Thank you Voldemortt for an awesome challenge! The setup was great and I felt sorry to drive it with a controller. Those sweeping turns with the stable setup would have been so much MORE fun with a steering wheel. Good flow on the track and the setup! Also, nice jumps on the track XD

Replay in my SF ThanaJ 1:59;001
LB#299 (never made it below 500 until now!)

Do I add a pink rabbit or how was it this time? (wouldn’t ask otherwise but the challenge to buy all the ferrari’s get’s a tad expensive…)

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Send me a friend request and an Xbox Live pm with a list of what Ferrari’s you still need. I will gift them to you. It’s the least I can do to pay it forward for all the help I received.

My gt is the same as my forum name.

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Added you to friends, but I really can’t ask that much, there’s more than half of missing… Maybe just one and I’ll get the rest? =D

Thank you so much!

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I too am willing to help along with Bigfoot, no worries on expense…


This community, it’s the best… Thank you Cipher and MFBigfoot, your help is much appreciated. As a small thank you I’d like to recommend this extremely wonderous classic car app I discovered. Road inc. Its BEAUTIFUL.

Im happy to donate one of the ferraris you need up to $1,000,000 i have the achievement of all the ferraris in the game its pretty expensive to do !

DOHHH ! ! ! !

In my rush putting up the challenge i forgot to mention a replay is required , so , any scores on the LB from you guys above dated up to 15/01/15 , i will accept as proof , but from here on in , i will ask for a replay as proof of time . Thanaj , you dont have to put the Pink Rabbit up until the end of the challenge ( 14/02/15 ) .

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Can only manage a 2:04.683 Beat my previous pb though by lots.

It wasn’t pretty, but details are as follows:

Fujimi Stage C Reverse - 1:59.017
Replay is in SF titled Ferrari Kaido Challenge

I put the car #86 but I didn’t save the replay. I left some time on the table though. I think my time is a 1:55.065 IIRC

Best time for me is 2:07.728

Well done guys , some great times and a few PB’s too . Bullin , i imagine the system will have saved your top 100 replay . I will be online in a day or two to verify replays and then i will make up a leaderboard .

My time is 1:56.516, and the replay is in my storefront (search “Ferrari Kaido Challenge”). I don’t remember which lap I ran that time on though, sorry…

Here’s four shots of my Arctic Camo R35 for anyone wanting to see more angles of the participation prize car.

The design had a short lived run in my storefront before I removed it a few months ago. I’ve decided to bring it back, but in the form of a prize car exclusively for this comp. This will be the final time the design is available to the public. After the competition has ended the car will return to “personal paint” status. Anyone who posts a time for this competition may claim one, in any color combination they’d like, after the competition ends on February 13th. I’ve also built the car to be maxed out, and tuned it to be as capable as possible. It’s able to quickly lap a circuit (it can pull up to 1.16G), but it’s also extremely fast in a straight line. It’ll do 0-60MPH in 2.3 seconds, 0-100MPH in 4.3 seconds, and will reach 269MPH on the Le Mans straight. A custom painted and tuned R35 for doing nothing more than setting a lap time? It doesn’t get much better than that!

As voldemortt mentioned I will also be providing a second, mystery prize car. If things go according to plan I’ll reveal it in the final week of the competition. The mystery prize car will only be available to those who are able to set a time faster than 2:00.000. This is merely intended to act as an incentive to improve your best time, not to leave out those that can’t beat the target time. Those that manage to beat the 2:00.000 target time may claim the R35 AND the mystery car.

Have at it gents!

P2P only saves the run preceding the command to save the replay, so you’re all good, Yakov.

I know, I was attempting to be funny. I guess it didn’t work… Lol

My fault for missing the humor XD

Nah, I just gotta practice more, Lol. That, and it’s a little tricky to convey sarcasm through text.