Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel layout keeps changing

The layout on my Ferrari 458 Spider Racing keeps changing out of no where. Is anyone else having this problem with the same or any other wheels?

Yeah me too. When I go in carreer, I’m completely fine. But when I want to take my ride for a test drive, all of a sudden my “gear up” behind my wheel turns into “look backwards”. Just what the hell?

Yeah, I had this happen to me last night as well, it was because my Gamepad controller was on. I had turned on my Xbox using the button on the Xbox per Thrustmaster’s FAQ but because I had my gamepad was hooked up to my Xbox with the play and charge cable it powered up as well and I didn’t notice. Even though I never touched my gamepad and had used my Thrustmaster TX wheel to start the game and navigate the menus to start racing it auto-magically used the gamepad controller layout instead of the TX wheel layout. So as soon as I started racing and I went to put it into gear with the right paddle shifter all it would do is look backwards, had to exit the game power off the gamepad and go back into Forza 6 and it was fine with the wheel layout.