Feature suggestion: automated head turning

Over the years I’ve hoped for some sort of automated head turning feature when driving from the drivers seat perspective. Overall I think it would be super helpful, but think about drifting or even taking really sharp turns while racing. There has been times where I’m just guesstimating where I am in a corner. It would be awesome for the camera(drivers head) to automatically follow the racing line or turn based off the direction of G force through a corner. Just imagine drifting being completely sideways, and having the camera look out your driver side window, I try to do it with the right stick but it’s still really hard haha. I’m not sure how hard it would be to implement, but I know the team at Turn10 can do it. I imagine it might be a little awkward at first, but it would be so cool to see the person I’m trying to tandem with out of my window without having to use the right stick. I think it would be a great addition to the game, hopefully everyone else does as well.

Thanks for taking the time hear me out!

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FM5 used the kinect for head tracking, I could never get it to work right though and I think T10 killed it off in FM6. FM4 also used the kinect for head tracking but I didn’t have a kinect for my xbox 360 so never used it.

Yeah, I found it annoying in 5, and also didn’t understand the point. If you’re looking away from the screen then you’re looking away from the game, so it seems unnecessary.

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If you’re looking away then you’re doing it wrong. I use a headtracker for flight games and it’s amazing. Would never be able to go back to playing it without and it sucks we can’t use headtrackers in Forza.

The automatic twisting of the head like they used in NFS doesn’t really work because you’re not in control. A headtracker like the EDTtracker makes it feel really natural.

This was in Shift 2 and kinda sucked.

There’s some talk on “teh webz” on the “look ahead” feature of a past simulation game, and a certain CEO of a certain competitor studio who used to work for an old studio that made the aforementioned simulation would complain that Turn 10 would always copy every feature this person came up with, which is ironic when you consider said CEO made a game for a certain large publisher which was basically a carbon-copy of Forza Motorsport.

You can probably still find the conversation deeply buried in the competitor studio’s forum.

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Or just implement VR in Forza already.


Or have gasp ADJUSTABLE FOV.

Never needed the Kinect head turning thing in FM4 because I would just change the FOV to a wider setting and then I could see the apex as I headed into the corner.

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I wasn’t really thinking along the lines of Kinect, but the VR would be SICK! But I like the adjustable FOV, that would be a great solution. That’s the problem, I just want to be able to see more when I’m drifting, especially with the new steering angle feature coming to the game!

TrackIR support would be great, but it’s niche.

VR support would require Microsoft actually investing in VR, and it seems they put it on the backburner for now. I believe they want to make it part of their Mixed Reality project, which is why there’s been almost no talk of VR on the Xbox One X, while Sony has been heavily promoting their PSVR.

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