Fastest way to earn credits?

Hi so this might not be the right category for this thread but can anybody tell me the fastest way to earn credits in forza 5? I’m working up to buy the aventador and I’m getting a little impatient. Thanks!

Rivals and forza rewards

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VIP Pass


Go in to free play. Choose Indy oval. 50 laps. Hardest drivatar setting, max drivatars, all assists off. Without VIP you should get about 200,000-240,000 per race. Takes about 35 mins in a P or X class car to do the 50 laps. Takes a touch over two hours to get a million credits this way.

Question, I have recently tried doing this using a Bugatti Veyron that I have via the VIP pack I got to get extra credits. I have made sure to follow all the instructions, but for some reason I don’t get any credits whatsoever. Is there anything that would prevent you from earning credits in free play besides renting the car? I should note that I made sure that collision was always on, the bots are the same class, so I have no idea why I can’t get any credits, any insight would be helpful.

Hmm interesting. I don’t know. When I do it I don’t turn on the fuel or tire wear. Don’t see why that would make a difference though. Are you doing “circuit race” as the race type?

The 60k he’s referring to is the amount of experience you get after the event, not the credit payout for leveling up

I’m not seeing how this happens, I did this a couple times yesterday with all assists off in my P class 458 and Drivatars at the Max. I came in first place and only got like 90k from winning the race with no deductions.

How many times did you level up and what was the payout for that? Its not just what you get for the race. Typically, the leveling up bonuses are a lot more than what you get from the race. Especially if you’re VIP. Either way, don’t sweat it. Just keep racing, in any form, and the credits will pile up. Earning credits in this game is very easy…

Spend time on the track.


Or you can purchase tokens and get your dream cars in seconds!!!

Racing in Rivals is a nice way to gain money.

Racing around the Indianapolis Oval can be good, but rather boring.

Completing your career races.

Rewards page, get yourself to tier 6 and be making around 1,500,000 every month for absolutely free.

VIP pass can also help you out, I believe increased race bonus’ as well as gaining 70,000 for every level you go up which after a while you can see goes up. Being level 150 just through leveling up I have made 10,500,000.

The oval is very boring. Especially when you do it a few times in a row. He wanted to know the “fastest” way to get credits. If you have VIP 30 mins for almost 500,000 is pretty quick for a new player. Also builds up your affinity level pretty quickly.

I wish players would quit suggesting Rivals as a good way of getting money. I’m usually ahead of 98% or 99% of players and I still can’t make more money from Rivals than I can just racing. If someone in the top 1% can’t rake in CR from Rivals, then 99% of players won’t, either. Rivals may be great if you’re faster than 99.7% of players, but everyone else would be equal if not better off just racing.

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This is completely wrong. Where you are ranked has nothing to do with the amount of credits you make from running rivals. The bulk of your payouts will come from leveling up. Its based on distance and you get paid in credits regardless of what you do. After that, rivals pays out a percentage increase based on you moving up the leaderboards. You do not need to beat the rival you are running against. You just need to beat your own leaderboard time and the payouts are the same. Even without the percentage increase, you still earn a ridiculous amount of credits. When I run Rivals, I chase the ghosts of Simmo, 3x, and Zermatt. I can not catch them but I still get huge payouts anyway and I’m in the top 100 on almost every track I run rivals on. If you’re a relatively new player, then you should be able to beat your own times quite easily.

I’ve collected well over 300 million credits and the vast majority of that came from running rivals. If you’re willing to run enough laps, rivals is much much faster than racing. With Rivals, there is no waiting for intermissions to end, or loading screens. You can just keep running lap after lap and collecting credits. The oval is best because its fastest (yet extremely boring), but any track will add up very quickly.

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Ive never had a problem getting money on rivals I can spend an hour doing a few rivals and before I know it im a couple mill better off. Its definatly a lot better than doing the oval thing, less boaring and actually improves your driving.

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The best way I found to get credits is to go into Rivals mode and race in different class’s and tracks. 85 percent of all the credits I’ve won in the game have come from Rivals mode. This isn’t the fastest way, but for me it was the best way.

SatNite said it best “time on the track” and everyone that suggests Rivals / Free Play etc — this is exactly what you get - more time on track versus menu time

The only caveat would be that the leveling up is capped at 60K - so if credits are what you are after there is not much point in running more laps after the cap… So just run on a track - say 10 laps on a small track see how much XP points you get do some math to figure out how many XP per lap and keep your lap count around that level… For intance you may get the same credits for wining the race and driver leveling up (XP) in 30 laps of Indy as you get for 50 laps… If that’s the cap of XP… I’m not sure what the cap levels are, I just race for times so I don;t really focus on credits anymore, I’m a VIP, Level 6 rewards which I don;t even claim anymore, and normally do one hour races so… it doesn;t matter to me anymore

How do you get capped at 60K. I get 70K per level (VIP) and I have gotten 140K for going 2 levels plus all bonuses etc. So yes Rivals is a good way to earn a lot of credits very quickly.