Fastest Drag Times

Hey all, I searched but couldn’t find anything relevant. I can’t seem to find a drag LB in game, so what is everyone’s fastest so far in Forza 6? I love the different tracks with the different traction.

Only have a Buick GNX RWD Low R-Class and a GMC Cyclone RWD Mid S-Class for drag so far.

Buick runs around 9.5 at Hock, 8.6 at Test
GMC runs 9.2 at Hock, 8.5 at Test

I’ve ran 8.408 n the syclone at test track. Really haven’t tried it at the other tracks, it would need to be a completely different tune. I’ve ran a 8.508 n the gnx

Yea, both of my tunes were slapped together using the baseline numbers, I haven’t tweaked anything yet. What do you think is most important you change at the other tracks?

First is going 2 be longer. Gonna need to launch different, probably a lower drop and catch rpm. Some cars I wouldn’t use roll cages on on test track but definetly will on hock and Sonoma

At test track my fastest times are 7.1, 11.2 and 18.101.

Which car? RWD?

Beat it with that Alfa crap. Looking for drag realistic car times.

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Hey, they have them for sale on your game too! Go buy one and tune it… It’s the exact same process as every other car! If you’re looking for “realistic” get off Xbox and get to the damn track.

7.3, 11.3, 18.1 in a RWD Alfa 33

8.475 02camero at test! Still need to fiddle abit more tho!

Lol, nice try bud. However this is a forza forum, and just looking for people who like to run stuff you actually see at tracks. That whole “you have the same store, go buy it” mentality is childish.

Cosworth, that 02 Camaro seems to be a beast in drag. My fastest S from 5 was the 69 Nova and my GNX, haven’t picked the Nova up yet though.

My fastest at the test track in a GMC Syclone is 8.391

Damn Laxer, wanna share your setup? Lol

You can add me and ill help you out. or i can share the tune publicly

My best so far is 9.0 in a 93 fox body. A 9.3 in a '13 mustang both at test track. I can’t get the '13 to hook.

Do you guys run with assists on or off?

I was more curious at comparing numbers. My gears are very rough and are basically tuned using just fastest benchmark.

I run manual, w/TCS usually, however I am trying to break the habit of using it. I can’t do clutch, always bog or skip. I also don’t drop catch or anything in drag, cause framkly, i don’t know what it means lol.

Drop catch =(the drop portion) keep the Rpms at a specific point let’s say 8000rpm when the countdown is ticking down. So your throttle is gonna be at a fixed point let’s say 85%(The catch portion)At launch catch the Rpms at a specific rpm, let’s say 3500rpm. You’ll grab full throttle at this point. You’ll need to use manual with clutch. its almost impossible to run at hockenheim or Sonoma without drop catching.

Really with all the traction at test track, it’s kind of been not needed in f5 and 6. Most of the time u can use full throttle launches on forza 5 and 6 at test track.

Yeah but a lot of people I know drag race with assists off and they restrict the lobbies to assists off. Im trying to tune my cars with very little spin and it’s kinda frustrating. I just want the same launch with assists off as I do on.

Ive only got an xb falcon tuned for drag racing so far. The quickest ive had it is 8.777 on the test track. But for some reason i cant even get into the drag lobbies anymore. The screen keeps saying unable to find match servers. Any help?