Fast and still broken

So I decided to use my cellphone as a Internet modem to see if my Forza Multiplayer would work. So I did a detailed network test and it was fantastic speeds. 14 meg download and pretty decent upload. So with this I thought it would let me get online . NOPE it still did not work so there you have it . It’s not my ISP nor is it my Internet speed . So Forza it’s been 7 months now without me being able to get into multiplayer lobbies what are you doing about it ? I need an answer I’m sick of not being able to race leagues and Nascar etc .

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Well, congratulations!

We will probably continue to face issues since T10’s servers do not function optimally in developing countries. Just 2-3 weeks ago, I could get into public lobbies on and off - now I can’t at all. Every now and then, I’d even have trouble joining private lobbies or randomly getting disconnected. At times, I would get disconnected from multiplayer hoppers getting a message that I’ve been disconnected from Live!

Ironically, no other game including Horizon gives me any MP issues whatsoever.

And gu’luck getting a response from T10 on this. :wink:

Look up “Xbox One Port Forwarding” on youtube. A friend of mine had considerable trouble connecting to T10 servers a few months back. He told me that he had to do this to solve the problem. Maybe this solution will work for you.

It took me an hour this morning to finally connect to a multiplayer match on Forza 6, though i could connect to the storefront and connect to FH2 and other multiplayer games with no problem…hopefully that’s proof that i do not need to port forward ?

No that is not proof.

Different games make use of the servers in different ways.

In short if you do not have the recommended ports forwarded then you MAY have issues.

However in my experience if you have open nat then all usually works ok.

My NAT is always Open.