Farming skill points

Is there a place where I can easily farm Skill Points in Horizon 5? In Horizon 4, I could easily farm points by driving up and down the beach.

The Vocho storyline shows a good option for this.

Take a destruction skill car around the El Estadio Horizon.

It gets monotonous, and the weird skill-chain-break-for-no-reason is annoying as heck, but it works :slight_smile:

and the fields by the highway too.

I tend to use an area just slightly North of the Hotel (where the danger sign is) as there’s plenty of trees, Cacti etc plus a small hill to get jump points…there’s a big rock around there to avoid but, other than that, it’s clear. It does however involve going round in a relatively small circle so gets a little boring. I used it to get the 500k Holden SKill Point Accolade as well as the 2M Appollo one…well, until it got to over 2M points, banked the points and the Accolade didn’t pop…used the wrong Appollo lol

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at the horizon festival dragstrip at the end to the right with some hills and a skill song on the radio … drift in the dirt an jump those little hills brings millions of points

and in the many endless fields that are tied together where you can drift and smash trees and fences with the proper car and a skill song bringing 250million plus in points