Fanatec CSW 2.5 settings

Hi guys,

Can anyone using the CSW 2.5 please share the best settings (or at least a very good basis) for both the wheel itself and in game?

Thanks in advance.


I have been told in the past that my setting are somewhat strange but they work for me.

Here they are:


Sensit 360
F.FeedB 95
Shck.Vib 90
Drift M. Off
BrakeF 75 (changed on 11/8 from 50 to 75)
MPS Fnc Auto


Invert Vertical Look Off
Steer Axis DZ Inside 0
Steer Axis DZ Outside 100
Steer Linearity 15
Acc Axis DZ Inside 15
Acc Axis DZ Outside 90
Dec Axis DZ Inside 0
Dec Axis DZ Outside 100
Clutch Axis DZ Inside 10
Clutch Axis DZ Outside 90
E Brake Axis DZ Inside 15
E Brake Axis DZ Outside 100
Vibration Scale 0.7
Force Feedback Scale 0.8
Center Spring Scale 1.2
Wheel Damper Scale 1.2 (changed from 1.4 on 11/9 following a suggeston from CaillinEVO)
Mechanical Trail Scale 0.8
Force Feedback Minimum Force 1.2 (changed from 1.0 on 11/9 following a suggeston from CaillinEVO)
Force Feedback Load Sensitivity 1.0
Road Feel Scale 0.4
Off-Road Feel Scale 0.4

Steering Simulation

I like the wheel to feel somewhat heavy.

These settings are the result after about 3 hours of playing. I assume I will continue to make small changes over time as I play more.

I started the settings for FH5 with what I’m using for FH4 and also took some settings from FM7.

I’ve been playing Forza games (both FM and FH) since 2011 and for the last few years with some version of a Fanatec base unit, steering wheel and pedals. I have never played either Horizon or Motorsports with a controller.

Try bumping down your wheel damper by 0.2 and increase your FF minimum force 0.2. This should give you the same heavier feeling you said you like, but from the natural align torque effect and less wheel damper should allow better FF fidelity to be felt.

Thanks, I’ll give your suggested changes a try and let you know how they work.

I made the suggested changes and did a number of road races and result is much better. The wheel feels just the way I want. Thanks again for the suggestions.

I updated my original post with the new settings.

Great to hear it helped. I’ve been messing around a lot with my TX458 to find the optimal settings, and this updated guide from Turn10 was very helpful as there as some changes to the way FF is configured since FH4:

Like you, I like to have a good feel for turn in and cars that have downforce so it’s not too light.

The other big option that seems to be commonly confused is the Standard vs Simulation setting in difficulty. Most wheel users go straight to simulation, however that turns off every aid/assist layer on the output side. This can make simulation mode very difficult to drift, as you aren’t getting the correct feedback and align forces that you’d get in a real car when drifting. Setting this mode to standard can really help when drifting, as it will pre-emptively countersteer the wheel to simulate those forces making it much easier to catch a slide. This does come with some slightly reduced sensitivity around change of direction, but I found it not really noticeable and the benefits when drifting or controlling any high HP RWD car at the limit are well worth it.

It’s also worth reading and understanding the section on wheel sensitivity, especially for 900deg wheels. At default settings, the steering isn’t at all quick enough to match most of the in-game cars. Every car will have a different ratio that is most suited to it’s real life rack ratio. It’s not feasible to change the sensitivity for every car every time you change, however I’ve found that 0.8 (up from 0.5) with 900degrees enabled in the wheel software gives the best compromise I’ve found for all the cars so far.

Hello guys,
my steering angle in-game does not match the one from my wheel, in-game in the telemetry, i see the full range that my wheel provide but the steering lock off any car is 180, and even if i set the wheel to 180, it’s not using the full range, do you have the same problem ?

That’s just the animation, no Forza Horizon game has ever had more than that. Your wheels will continue to turn its just the animation that stops if you’re using cockpit mode.