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Hello everybody, the F1EV Team, a french team of photographers, welcomes you in our new Forza Gallery :slight_smile:

Here we present to you our photos from Forza Motorsport 6, FH2, FM5, TheCrew, GTA V or IRL pics !

Few month after the opening of our first Forza.net gallery, we decided to create this second gallery in order to show you our own photos from the new Forza, and also to share our photography passion and of course, our car passion ! :slight_smile:

Now, i invite you to visit this gallery and see our photos :slight_smile:

I wish you to have a nice moment here and hope you to like our photos ! :slight_smile:

Photos from Diesel46Power

Photos from MattGTR38

STi’11 Stage 2 vs. BMW M4


Photos from Vicweill

Photos from Zorglub



Photos from GeminiGreen117

Photos from X Blu3f1r3 X

Photos from X COBRA11 X


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Edited by Vicweill

Edited by Blu3f1r3

Edited by GeminiGreen117/b][/center]

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STUNNING, like, WOW. Dude, how are you getting shots to look like /that/. Damn I’m super impressed! :o



Selection T10 - Photocomp

Photocomp2 / GeminiGreen117

Photocomp5 / X Bl3f1r3 X

Photocomp6 / ZorglubBellevue

Photocomp9 / Diesel46Power

Photocomp12 / Diesel46Power

Photocomp13 / Diesel46Power

Photocomp15 / Lego33

Photocomp17 / Lego33

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Ohhh cool! hate de voir ses photos!! :slight_smile:

Thank you :wink: Je viens d’en ajouter quelques uns ! Les membres viendront directement mettre leur photos dans les commentaires! :slight_smile:

I added some photos ! F1EV Members will come to post their photos in comments ! :wink:

De très belles photos! Si vous chercher des membres, vous savez où me trouver :). Avez-vous un forum privé à vous?

voici ma gallerie : http://forums.forza.net/turn10_postst44924_HD-90-RicKyBobY-Forzatography-Gallery.aspx

Désolé notre Team ne recrute plus de membres … Mais si tu souhaites passer sur notre page de Team voici le lien : Forza Motor Sport - Notre passion : la route !

On est plus actifs sur le forum français : ForzaMotorsport.fr :wink:

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Happy to start this new gallery with a selection of my best shots in FM6

Encore l’Allemagne Qui Roule Sur Le Brésil

A Fond Même Dans l’Obscurité

Pur Sang


McLaren 650S

A l’Arrêt Pour Mieux l’Admirer


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Nice ! :open_mouth:

Pour entamer la galerie :


I love editing in FM6 ! We can do realistic things :slight_smile:

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Edited pics only.

The whole gallery is absolutely stunning, awesome shots guys!

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Thank you NV :wink:

Wow, like, wow. These are jaw dropping shots. Outstanding job with these photos!

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Thank you for your comments guys ! :slight_smile:

Hypnotisée by G33audi, sur Flickr

BackAndWhite by G33audi, sur Flickr

Focus on the driver by G33audi, sur Flickr

Symétrie colorale by G33audi, sur Flickr

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Awesome gallery.

Superbe les copines! :slight_smile:

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