F1EV photo gallery - FM6 is here!

- F1EV Photo Gallery -

Hello everybody, the F1EV Team, a french team of photographers, welcomes you in our Forza Gallery :slight_smile:

Here we present to you our photos from Forza Motorsport6, Forza Horizon 2, and also photos from Forza Motorsport 5 :slight_smile:

One year after the opening of our “french” gallery, we decided to create this gallery in order to show you and share our photography passion and of course, our car passion ! :slight_smile:
In F1EV, we love all type of cars ! :slight_smile: But every member has a favorite type of car. For exemple, MattGTR is crazy about Subaru and Vicweill loves Mclaren and Pagani ! :slight_smile:

Now, i invite you to visit this gallery and see our photos :slight_smile:

I wish you to have a nice moment here and hope you to like our photos ! :slight_smile:


Welcome to Forza Horizon 2

Some of our best pictures from Forza Horizon 2 :slight_smile: These photos have be taken by Diesel46Power, x MattGTR38, vicweill, ZorglubBellevue, X Blu3f1r3 X and lego33 :slight_smile:
Other new photos will be posted soon :wink:

Porsche 911 GT3 4.0 by G33audi, sur Flickr

Low contrast and sunset by G33audi, sur Flickr

Ford GT40 Mk II by G33audi, sur Flickr

Duo de Ford by G33audi, sur Flickr

Miracle detail by G33audi, sur Flickr

Détail of a gangster by G33audi, sur Flickr

Mosaïque de lumière by G33audi, sur Flickr

Reflets abbatiaux by G33audi, sur Flickr

The way to the hell and this guardian by G33audi, sur Flickr

Paint by G33audi, sur Flickr

991T 3 by Matthieu Provost, sur Flickr

CBDS 2 by Matthieu Provost, sur Flickr

STi9R20 by Matthieu Provost, sur Flickr

FAF Supra 1 by Matthieu Provost, sur Flickr

STi15 51 by Matthieu Provost, sur Flickr

We Broke Free

Fiery Madness



Königsegg Agera R

VW Beetle



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Bonsoir! :stuck_out_tongue:
I love the yellow F40… :wink:

Some pictures that I’ve done :wink:

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Yep, this F40 reminds me of DerKunzZ’ shots… :slight_smile:

Yes on FH1, but not as beautiful… ^^

Beautiful gallery! Such amazing and talented photos and people. Can’t wait to see what else you guys have!

Absolutely fantastic photos all around, great work guys!

Here is my best creation : the Bugatti Veyron L’Or Blanc
To download it, check my gallery in Forza Horizon 2 (GT: vicweill) 3 tones available

My favourite feature from shot number 1 has to be the composition.

Thank you guys ! :slight_smile:

Porsche is back by G33audi, sur Flickr

Néons du futur by G33audi, sur Flickr

Balade en California by G33audi, sur Flickr

Cyclone by G33audi, sur Flickr

Thanks you guys :wink:
Merci aux francophones :slight_smile:

Time to start the gallery!

Colorless Tricolore

Ne Croise Pas Son Regard


Let’s start with a few pics from the last batch…



The Strength of Mountains

Nice shots. :slight_smile:

Magnificent shots guys!
I could quite easily highlight about a dozen, but will choose this symmetrical stunner for now,

save to say ,you guys know what your doing.
awesome quality all the way!

Wow what an incredible gallery!! So many amazing eye catching photos cannot wait to see more!!

Again with some awesome shots guys, keep it up!