F&F Forza Rewards trouble

I’ve been playing the new expansion and I’ve almost beat it, which is great. Only problem is that after all I’ve done in the game, my Forza Rewards overview says I haven’t even done anything! Weirdest thing about this is that below my score it recognizes my achievements, but says nothing in the overview! Anyone else having the same problem?

I’m pretty sure it takes some time to show on the Rewards page - mine did.

Same. Thanks anyway!

Hi I’ve got the same problem completed fh2 ff an my fh2 is not showing an I done loads on it be for Christmas 2014 how do I get them to show as I would be getting better rewards over last few months

there is no rewards for the xbox 360 version…they are for the Xbone version only http://forums.forza.net/turn10_postst24273_Forza-Horizon-2-on-Xbox-360.aspx

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might have something to do with your privacy settings, looking at what games you play on the xbox website it says you have not played anything