Rewards progress not showing for FH2

Hi, all the progress I’ve made for the Forza games is showing on Forza Rewards except for FH2. My Gamerscore is 240 for FH2 but the rewards page is showing zero on everything for that game. Does anyone know what can be done about it? Also on FH1 I bought the item that shows where all the discount signs are, but my progress is stuck on 99% for them. I’ve looked very hard on the map, but I can’t find anymore. What can be done about that? I only have the 360 versions of the games at the moment.

There are no Rewards for the 360 version of FH2 - sorry. Check the sticky post about Horizon 2 on the 360 at the top of the post list.

No rewards for FH2 and the Fast and Furious Expansion on the xbox 360.

Okay, thanks EMW Radicus & PPiDrive.

I have the same issue but on XB1- (digital/download edition). My gamerscore is recorded, but no other activity.
Interesting, initially not even my Gamerscore was recorded, but then I fired up Forza 5 (on XB1, installed on HD from disc) and popped a couple of achievements. Then Rewards registered both the new gamerscore from F5 as well as recognized my GS from FH2. As I have continued to play FH2, Rewards continues to pick up new gamerscore, but also fails to pick up any other activity.

As a detail, to the extent it may be relevant, I do have a 360, and it is often on and connected to XBL, but I have no Forza games for the 360.

That’s me too. That’s why I figured it was just an update glitch that they are working on. If Gamerscore updates, then surely they will fix the rest soon!

it just takes time, i waited weeks for my cars owned to be updated for Horizon, was at least 2 weeks
but it is now up to date
just have patience, have read somewhere that it will be up to date by the time Forza 6 is released

Thanks for the reply @talby71. Good to know. If normal behavior for Horizon, no big deal. It was just much different than the speed with which my FM5 activity posted to Rewards.

Glad I am not alone, my X1 progress isn’t updating either. At least it seems to self-fix.

I’m just getting in some more game time and earning a few more reward points before 6 comes out :slight_smile:

Same no horizon 2 progress but I’ll wait it out

im having the same issues

I have nothing at all even though I have completed nearly all the game…

I am having the same issue with FH2, it shows progress for gamerscore and paid DLC owned but nothing else.