Issues with Forza rewards in FH2 and FH:F&F

Hi Forza Rewards,

Love your games and hope this is right section of the forum to post this but i am having a few issues with the rewards system. I tried sending the email below to the email provided in your information posts ( but this email is bouncing and i cant find any other email to send the below query to other than xbox support email which i assume is probably not the right place to send this to. See the email below, i hope someone can assist.



My Xbox game tag is ShniveN85 and i appear to have an issue with my forza rewards points.
The first issue is that 3 DLCs that i have bought for FH2 have not registered on the site and they were purchased some time ago. These purchases are evident in the achievements i have gotten in each on my account. The purchases were made on the following dates:
1. Storm Island expansion - 14/6/15
2. Porsche car pack - 14/6/15
3. Fast and the furious expansion - 28/6/15
The second issue is that game play on the fast and furious expansion is not being picked up by the site and only achievements have been. i have completed all tasks in the game with the exception of 40 gamer score (i should have all 1000 points but 1 achievement did not register for some reason) and i am missing 2 of the 20 boards. All other challenges have been completed and i have done this while playing online at all times.
Would really appreciate your help. I am very keen on Motorsport 6 so am hoping to make the most of my forza rewards. I am also keen on buying more DLC packs on both FH2 and FM5 but am not keen on doing so before the rewards issue is resolved.

T10 is aware of the problems users are having with rewards not updating correctly and are working on a fix. Be patient as they are updating rewards in anticipation for FM6.

You mistyped the email address too - it is

Thanks mate. Its actually mistyped in the FAQ but i should have picked up the missing letter! See post 7 of the thread linked below,

So it is - can I suggest you send ManteoMax a PM letting him know so he can fix it for others who may need it in future.