Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast and Furious issue

I have done the entire fast and furious game and there’s something wrong. I have gotten all bonus boards, found all roads, completed the game, etc. The game says I have 100% completion (career and overall). I check the Forza Hub app on my Xbox One, and it says that I have gotten 0 gamerscore, even when I checked the achievements to see 100% of the achievements completed. Please help.

When did you last complete it?

It may simply take a bit of time to load over from one app (the expansion) to another (the Xbox Achievements app) and then be loaded into a third (the forza Hub) and appear.

Also, you may try a full power cycle and NAT check to clear up some settings and ensure proper communication in all places.

I completed it on Monday, May 11, around 6 PM eastern time. I also remember finding all bonus boards and it notifying me about the “reward.” I heard it was a design for a Supra, correct me if I’m wrong. I checked this morning, May 12, to see FNF completed with 1,000 gamerscore, so I guess I was just impatient. I went up to tier 5 also. But I still haven’t gotten the Supra design. I guess I’ll have to wait. Thanks for the help, man! But one other thing. I’m tier 5, and it says on the Forza Hub app that the tier rewards are on Forza Horizon and Forza Motorsport 4. I checked both FH and FM4 maybe 3-4 days ago and I have not seen the rewards on there (40,000 CR, 50,000 CR, etc). Am I just being impatient about that or is there actually something wrong? Mind helping out again?

I have the same problem, i got 1000G on both versions, Xbox 360 and Xbox One but on forza rewards page i still see 940G/1000G.
I completed the game about 2 days after the launch date.

I still don’t know how to claim my Forza Rewards for FM4 and FH 1. Every tier it tells me 10,000 , 20,000 , and so on. While the games on the Xbox One get 100,000 , 200,000 , and so on. I recieve the credits and cars on current gen, but on last gen I have received nothing. On the other hand, I’ve gotten my 1,000 gs for FNF and my Supra (which is amazing). I’m just having trouble with last gen receiving awards.