Extend the night time! [FH5 ✅]

As a free roam player, the short time of night is something that has bothered me for a while. I think it would be a good improvement to increase the time night lasts. My only concern is how players who race a lot would handle that.

Then again, you can customize races to avoid it.

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Found this thanks to the JakeXVX video and still had to use the search function to track it down. Been wanting longer nights since launch!

There was even a Let’s Go video where during the Q&A someone asked about extending night time. Mike Brown had said something like “I’ll look into that.”

Nothing ever came of it, of course. This is my surprised face.

Thanks for the link suggestion, @anonyyymous!

With insufficient lighting, extended nighttime isn’t a good idea.

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Good point, they should fix the lighting too.

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Night time is barely 10 mins long. Extend night time so that day and night are equally long 50-50

I doubt all the people that play The Eliminator a lot like me will agree.

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I do understand what you mean but Eliminator in FH4 had darker nights and was still enjoyable with longer nights

Can we get a community vote as to who would want the night time extended in both FH5 and FH4? I think those who are FOR an extended night time aka same length as day would win in a landslide. It is just the missing piece to the game and tbh I personally look forward to those few minutes at night time to play but I think some of us are tires of making night time races just to see our cars at night sooner. Please Forza, don’t let us down. :cry:

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I’m all for extending the night, but not the same length as daytime. Maybe 50% as long.


Only if they make the headlights, y’know, actually do something.


Hasn’t this already been implemented? I’ve seen a lot of posts from users saying all they see is a black screen.


Given that Mexico is equatorial, it would make sense for day and night to be about equal.

I think they have it about right so I wouldn’t want the nights any longer.

Personally I think it would better to have a system like need for speed heat where you choose either night time or day time. Each has their own events.

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Yeah, this 90/10 day/night ratio is nonsense. This isn’t Alaska in summer.

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Have you tried to squint your eyes?

It’s not that hard for someone like me to do that. Naturally yk…lol

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wdym? As far as night time goes the headlights automatically turn on nicely?

There was a bug early on which I believe is now fixed where headlights wouldn’t turn on at night. It was so bad and wasn’t patched for ages.

The only thing bothering me about headlights is how they attach extra unwanted lights to some of the old open wheel racers that don’t have them.