Extend the night time! [FH5 ✅]

Please, for the love of god extend the night time on this game, why the night time is only 2 minutes while the day time is freaking four hours? There’s no balance at all. Also what about types of climate such as heavy fog and rain the ones exist in the races? They don’t exist on free room lobbies.


Makes no sense that the night is short, it’s so gorgeous at night in Mexico, I’m sure many guys like me would love to cruise at night for more than 2 minutes.


Its true. We need a Night time same as the day time. Night scenes are amazing in this game and driving with your fav music is just unmatched. We need this asap!


Night scenes may be amazing, but I would hate for night to be longer when doing Eliminator. It’s hard enough to see approaching obstacles (trees, houses, rocks) in the daytime and nearly impossible at night depending on where the target is for a H2H.


Great idea! Night is too short.


I finally convinced my gf to buy a pc to play this game cause she saw the trailers and thought it was beautiful. To our surprise the night only lasted 2 mins. She packed the whole thing up herself, sent it back and got a refund for the game. And I can’t blame her. We got OLED tvs for gaming and the night looks so damn nice but it’s basically non-existent. I uninstalled the game as well. This sucks.


I agree that the nighttime is much too brief. It’s so beautiful at night - the colorful lighting around races at the ruins is gorgeous!


I will be the one voice in disagreement.

I don’t enjoy night races at all, they are harder for me to see and I detest having to race in heavy fog or rain - anytime there is an event/race at night, I either don’t do it or struggle through it…having zero fun on the way.

I do understand however that 2 mins of night for those that like it, is a bit unfortunate and unbalanced.

I just wish you could opt out of night/rain/fog races, if you want.


Fh5 is good but disappointing
So many stupid things if your a car enthusiast that irritate you
Night time is one!


It looks like it’s mostly Freeroam that everyone is talking about, not races. Maybe decrease the chances of getting a night race proportionally with the Freeroam increase?

I would like to opt out of night/rain/fog altogether, not just in races


I would like the nights to be longer to.
Yes i understand that some dont like to drive in the night.
But its free roam. In the races you can set the weather and time to what you want.

So maby custom lobbies where we can set the weather, time of day etc to what we want?

So a custom lobby with time progression form. 24h in game = to 1 min IRL to 24h in game = to 24h IRL.
Even have the option to set it to a forever Night/Day/Morning/Evening.
Maybe not have the ability to change the season. But change everything in the season.
This way those that dont want or have difficulty driving at night, can opt out if it.


No vote from me to make the nights longer. I think they have it about right.


Add another vote for longer nights!

And one more vote for having useful headlights rather than the tiny flashlights our cars seem to be using!


Or shorter days and a more balanced cycle.


Why? Are you scared of the dark???


Nobody wants your rainbows :slight_smile:


Bump, after reading some comments on this, I hmm, nighttime in free roam. Or have a full 24 hour timeline, from dawn to day, then from day to evening, then from evening to nighttime. With each at least 2 hours of all 4, so 2 per setting. But for nighttime races, only last for the race, then switch back to whatever the usual setting was. That’s my suggestion/opinion.

I seem to recall Mike Brown saying he would ‘look into this’ when the question came up during a Let’s Go video many months back. Glad to see that’s gone absolutely nowhere… The idea seems to have vanished right along with the migrating butterflies they had showcased before the game was released.

Also Lancia.

Everyone wants something different such as longer/shorter nights. That’s why I would recommend voting on this feature aswell:

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