Event Restrictions need to be more clearly defined

So this whole Country tournament thing, is really aggravating me. The Restrictions for these events are not clearly defined, for example, this seasons event Home Street Home. I know we are suppose to use a car made from certain countries, limited to B700, but that’s all it says, so I built a car for it, but I can’t use it because there is only one specific car from the country I want represent that is allowed to be used in the championship. Wish I had known that before I built a car I thought I could use. Also, the car that is available for the country I want to represent, isn’t the best car, there are many better cars from that country, from that time period, and in that same class.


I go to event first and look at what cars I can drive and if I have any pretuned. I know if it’s pretuned because I paint all my cars gold. But yes I agree it would be simple enough to add a basic tooltip on events that displayed additional information including eligible cars.

Yeah it’s a bit crazy. What I’m doing is going to the first event and checking the car restrictions.

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Well it isn’t normal for me to speak up in the game’s favour but you can check what is eligible in the playlist which comes up every time you start the game, the restrictions are well defined in these events with what you see in that screen being all/the only eligible cars available.

I understand and agree with a lot of the problems people have with this world cup theme but this isn’t one of them, it requires no more looking around or perhaps even less than when a Horizon Special category is the restriction.

Absolutely. Earlier this week was a “Win 2 road circuits in a Volkswagen” Forzathon so thought I’d rep for Germany in the Road Race championship and check off two playlist items at once.

Nope, no Volkswagen allowed in the Championship.


This grinds my gears to unbelievably badly. JUST LET US OVERLAP TASKS, the playlist takes long enough on its own, let us kill two birds with one stone.

I’d also love to see them allow us to complete the Forzathon chapters simultaneously - like while doing 2 street races you should be able to chip away at the skill score goal required for the following chapter.

It’s almost as if they give you hope that you can overlap tasks, and then make it so you can’t use the right car for both, or you need street races and the championship use can use the same car for is off-road or some crap.


I agree the wording is vague and should say something like “B601-700: Select Country Rivals”. But there is only so much space for the restrictions. And it is more understandable to have been confused last week, but anyone who did the events last week should have been able to figure out that it was going to be a list of one car per country per race type. It was pretty obvious last weekend that the USA car in the Trial this season would be limited to the 1995 Corvette so I had already installed a tune that I thought would be good for a road race in that car. And in the main Playlist thread this week, they quickly put the list of which cars were available for each event once the season went live.

Can’t you just press the three lines button on the event in the festival playlist and it shows all the eligible cars. Then you just have to choose one/remember which ones so you can find one you have with the correct tune or tune one yourself?

if this list would work it would be a nice feature…
but this list often missing many cars and sometimes it shows cars that are not allowed…


No, I don’t think it does - from what I can see it only shows the vehicles in the eligible PI but it doesn’t show other cars in the different PI’s that would be eligible when tuned. There was a Trial in FH4 with a vague name, mini monsters or something that didn’t give any clue to the cars you could use and if you checked the eligible cars it showed just one C-class car. However there were around 15 D-class cars eligible once upgraded so knowing this I assumed since there was a Mini Cooper in that eligible cars list I thought a similar C-class Mini was eligible but not showing as it wasn’t B-class. So I upgraded it only to find it’s just one specific Mini that’s eligible. When it’s not a clear restriction I can easily check in the cars list like this one I’d prefer they list all the cars.


But they actually are showing every available car in every event this series, I don’t understand what people are struggling with here.

What you see in the eligible cars screen is what is allowed, nothing else outside of what you see in that screen is.

Every car PG have picked to be available to use in all these WC events starts in the same class as the event so no car is hidden or left for players to find themselves when they look in the eligible cars section.


The struggle comes in with the fact that we’ve been taught NOT to trust the eligible cars screen and that there are cars not on it that are eligible. Often, those cars are better picks because you can get the upgrades you want and be able to get up to the range instead of making compromises from the start. Building a car for myself, I usually aim for going up a class while upgrading. If I’m building for a road race, I can ignore upgrades that might more help off-road and vice versa. Putting mediocre tires, adjustable suspension, and adjustable transmission will get you outside the class on a lot of the cars, not even considering weight reduction, getting better than mediocre tires, chassis reinforcement, adjustable brakes, or any engine upgrades.

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Yes but do you have to go to the track to see them? Because I want to be able to see it on the map screen, otherwise you waste ages jumping from one place to another.

It’s available to see in the festival playlist, just press the three lines on the event you want to see the restrictions for and it appears. You don’t need to go to each event to see which cars are eligible. You can access the festival playlist in the pause menu just about everywhere.

How do people not know this?

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I have to say it would be nice to have a car and track list a week in advance to have some time to get cars ready.


Whole playlist takes under 2 hours to complete, its not exactly a big undertaking to see what cars they allow, exit out, tune, then continue.

I started this weeks events as soon as it went live and 2 hours later I had completed everything, won all the useless cars I already own, turned the one china van into a rally car, and now I’m waiting till next week.

That’s how this game has become, 2 hours of content every 7 days.

Yes, while doing the races doesn’t take much time, getting the cars ready does. I understand that people play this game differently. There are many of us that like to take the time to properly prepare for an event. Like you I only played for 2 hours yesterday, but my 2 hours were spent tuning the Maserati.

The OP’s frustrating stems from taking time to put a car together they can’t use. Some of that is the OP not knowing where to look, but there is another part that is the communication coming from the game. Every communication I see from them is pick a car from a nation. I reality it’s select a car from a predetermined lineup and give points towards a nation.

I would personally appreciate being given the car list a couple days in advance along with the tracks they’ll be used on.


Wow, a thoughtful response without being a prick.

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Yep. I spent 30 mins building a porsche 944 for the Trial to see that l cant use it. Ended up running through it with a stock corvette. Glad we still won because sure wasnt gonna build another car after initially already complying with the GER B600 restriction.

I have a really short fuse with this game.


And where did you see that restriction? Making assumptions doesn’t always work out.

Of course, they could stop people from making assumptions by just making things more clear.