Event Restrictions need to be more clearly defined

Someone has been lazy, considering the restrictions the list wouldn’t be that long just 5 cars we know the class they have to be to so its just a case of adding a list of the actual cars…

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A few times I have tuned a car, and it’s not allowed, so now I have to fast travel there, look at the cars, and then travel back to my home again, then build the car, tune the car, test the car, and fast travel back to the race again.


I don’t have the list of the last cars eligible for the world tournament championships but I think that were all class c cars by default. Just the same as the b class cars in this season and the a class cars in the next season. The useable cars were all chosen that way, that they meet the class requirements without any tuning effort. So I don’t see the point in that argument.

And you could now take a look what cars can be used in the next season and the season after that. So what’s the problem anyway?

Because there’s normally many more eligible cars than shown then it’s reasonable to assume there are other eligible cars than shown hence why as the OP suggested it would be good to see all cars that are eligible straight out. Especially when in this case the eligible cars make absolutely no sense whatsoever, how on earth they chose the German BMW Mini over the original British Mini is bizarre. Yes I realise you could argue that the Jaquar XE isn’t really British either but I don’t think anyone would argue the BMW Mini is more British than the original.

It’s bad game design when it’s easier to get the information on eligible cars on reddit than it is in game.


And in this whole series that isn’t the case for once.

I’ll reiterate it again, what you see is what is eligible, what you don’t isn’t.

It is nothing to do with bad game design if people haven’t cottoned on to that after 8 days.

You go into the playlist, scroll to the event and press the button to view eligible cars, the only cars available are what you see displayed there.


Half the fun is putting the car together, doing a tune and/or livery. That’s wonderful that you enjoy using stock cars…I don’t.

“And you could now take a look what cars can be used in the next season and the season after that.” You know which A Class cars we’re restricted to next week? Please share. If you have a source that I can find these every week I would appreciate it.

Look I don’t know how much simpler I can put it.

  1. Festival playlist
  2. Go on the event’s tile
  3. View eligible cars.

That’s all you have to do for every trial + PG + championship in this whole series to see what’s available.

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The eligible cars list have missing car sometime.
For example A-class sedan offroad race didnt show Taycan and some off class car. But a Taycan with offroad tire is a A class car.
It happen alot before.

And it dont list my car that is tuned.

While you are correct, the problem is the seasonal championships because the eligible cars are currently “some car from some country”. What cars from what countries? I could only find out the full list from what Max has posted on these forums.

The only other way of doing this is to go into a championship, which will then show you which cars in your garage are eligible, which in turn, will probably be a subset of all possible cars for the country events because, it seems, I’ve modded quite a few out of the PI class for the week. For that ghastly cross country championship, the Range Rover Velar looked to be a good choice, but wasn’t, and it was only by returning to the forums that I found the Porsche Macan, a car I reasonably like, was another option, but it required resetting and rebuilding. Otherwise, it wasn’t listed in the event as a one of the cars because it was A800.

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I ran into an issue with the “eligible cars list” on one of the championships due to my car already being tuned to A class, the list shows you the eligible cars IN YOUR GARAGE, if a car is tuned outside of the restriction, you don’t see it. There are also 2 ways to see the list. One is at the icon on the map, the other is in the festival playlist (highlight the race and then press the 3 lined button on your controller).

i got no option for “View eligible cars.” I am talking about weekly challange, I have a 2009 car from usa and spend 160k upgrading and its not working?

What happened for me was that because i was in the Ford RS200 when season changed it completed the first part of the weekly straight away, thus i couldn’t use any other car apart from a USA car.

This may be what has happened with a few people not being able to change to the car they want.

Actualy its alrwady there you just not rading the screen properly