Error Code E 64, Xbox 360 Slim.

Come to find out that it started to overheat 1st the power button went red and then the Error Code E 64 screen came up. Last night when it happened. I turned it off unplugged everything from it and let it sit until now. It’s working fine now. If the same happens to you try this before you take other measures.

Hardware failure incoming.

When they made the 360 slim they took out the RROD,it can’t red ring. It will come up on screen your console is getting to hot and to shut it off,if you don’t it will shut down on its own. You sure its a slim? As i said they took out the red ring,unless you have the most recent redesigned 360,which i don’t know if they are still calling it a slim or not and if they are i don’t know why they would put back in the RROD and take out the over heating protection.

I just looked up what Error Code E64 means on and it just says there may be a problem with the console. My bet is it’s hardware failure in which case you can either send it in or just get a new one unfortunately if it’s out of warranty.

There are still red lights all over that power button just pray you don’t have to see them on yours. It’s a slim and you can look it up on YouTube if you want proof that a slim has red lights.
It’s working fine now but it is in a new place for better ventilation. Wish me luck.