Crashing on xbox

Im on xbox an i keep trying to load the game up ill either get into the game go to the dealership and it will crash turning my xbox of or ill start the game up and will crash straight away is anyone else having problems like this happened 8 times so ive given up trying

Have you done a hard restart of your console?

Out of all games or apps, hold the Big X button on the front of the console in until the unit shuts down. Then disconnect the external power cord from the back on the Xbox and disconnect the external power pack from the wall socket. (Hopefully you’re directly connect to a wall outlet, and NOT using a power strip.)

Wait about three minutes, then connect the proper cord to the back of the console, and reconnect the external power pack to the wall socket. Restart the console as you normally do, but if there are any updates and the console has an actions from Xbox Live, let them fully complete before attempting the game again.

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What’s wrong with powerstrips? In Germany, a power output of 3kw is no problem. My whole theatre is connected to one strip, without experiencing any issues.

Edit: 3kw per fuse.

That is bad information, Snowowl. Power strips are just fine (assuming it’s not faulty) to use with wall wart plugs.

There’s nothing wrong with using a power strip. Idk why he’s saying that…

Right, power strips protect you from surges and variable voltage.


In the owners manual,it says DO NOT connect the power supply to a power strip,plug directly in wall socket,Snowowl is 100% correct!!! Power strips are not recommended.

It’s mainly to cover MS butt.
Rule out as many outside variables as possible.

There are places near where I live that anything more complicated than a toaster I wouldn’t plug directly into the wall.