Endurance: tire wear vs weight

So me and my budy where racing some endurance races r class in the aston martin 009 i think it was called and that you had to pit 1 time.
And we both experienced that pitting at the very end as the tire wear occured our lap times became better.
Is this all because of fuel becoming more low so less weight?
We experienced that the grip became a little bit less around the 20% wear, but we both drove faster?!

Can anybody explain if weight is also an issue witch makes us faster?

And the mane question is it smart to wait till the very last lap to pit?

I honestly dont think weight loss due to fuel consumption is a factor in forza. As far as tire wear in my experience, it seems to depend on the car. Some cars i get my best times on the 1st lap of the race when the tires are still relatively cold. I usually drive backwards and then start the first lap at full speed.

Sometimes certain cars end up having too much grip when the tires are warmed up which can lead to understeer. I personally like loose handling so i dont mind a little oversteer.

Also in endurance races certain factors could lead to getting better times. Since the race is longer you might not feel the need to push the cars that hard because theres plenty of laps to compensate. You also will get used to the car and track after a bunch of laps and could just be getting faster as you know how to take turns better and what not. The last thing would be, if its closer to the end and its a close race your competitiveness will kick in because you want to win which will lead to you being more aggressive which can lead to faster laps.


I remember in Forza 4 i was driving on the Nürburgring in R2 Class with an Ultima with simulation damage on. After 1/4 of fuel consumption the car got nearly undriveable because of the less weight. In cosmetic damage the car had no problems at all. In Forza 6 i experienced it’s not that much anymore and the tire wear up to i think it was 72% or so has no loss of grip. IMO it’s not so well simulated of loosing weight because of the fuel consumption. As expample you can take the HW Mustang, i had once a testdrive on Sebring with it (standard engine with upgrades) and the fuel tank was empty in lap 7. There were nearly no tire wear and the car didn’t accelerate faster or brake better than with the full fuel tank.

I’m doing endurance races at TURN and TORA and I think tire wear and fuel consumption was never actually implemented on the Xbox One Forza games.
You can see the numbers going up and down, but nothing actually changes. In Forza4 you had serious trouble with 50% tire wear but in Forza6 I can score personal bests with it.

I actually did some testing.
Did 15 laps on watkins glenn small lap, and to learn the track i first did 20 laps to get to know the track.
Then i did 15 laps with one pit.
Here are the times

Late pit: 14th lap
Best lap: 1:05,167 11th lap
Total: 17:10,962

Midway pit after 7 laps
Best lap: 1:04,902 (lap 9)
Total: 17:09,755

Early pit first lap
Best lap: 1:04,808 (lap 12)
Total 17:07,253

This was without any traffic.
Each lap the fuel went back by 6%
Frond tires about 2,6% each lap
Rear tires about 1.8% each lap

So to check if there was something similar i notised that my best preformance (lap time) was after i drove 35km i made the best lap times.
After the 40km mark i really noticed a big difference in tire squile, sliding and understeer and oversteer.
All the laps where done without stc & tcm, only ABS on

Best way would be to test a car’s fuel mileage with no weight reduction, then do a race weight reduction and try it again. Personally, I’ve never seen weight itself be a deciding factor with one car versus the next (horsepower is a bigger factor) but there are some weird issues with fuel mileage and fuel capacity in this game.

As for tires, you won’t notice anything until 85-90% tire wear. Once it gets to that point though, you’ll notice it. Tire grip will go off quickly and suddenly and the car will be barely drivable with no traction to put the power down.

Slightly offtopic on this,

Fuel useage is rather annoying in this game In 2-6 lap race around any average track you have no need to pit with any car. (Nordschleiffe and Lemans long layouts are difference here) Therefore fuel useage doesn’t really matter. But in longer races 10+ laps on average track, some cars have to pit in notably earlier than others due running out of fuel.
To compensate this the cars that run out of fuel faster should be clearly faster, but that would make it very unequal in shorter races.

Anyhow, back on topic, I have ran in couple of longer races, and I havn’t really noticed any real change in times with lower fuel load.
How ever I have noticed that some cars become very slightly looser, and therefore they suit my driving style better. Which in some cases result in better lap times.

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I haven’t noticed the fuel level affecting the car’s weight - the only thing I’ve noticed is that the cars tend to run out of fuel extremely quickly - Nissan GTR LM Nismo can’t even do 2 laps of the Nordschliefe on one tank!

One time i was doing an endurance race in a stock nascar, i dont remember exactly what lap i had to pit on the first time but let’s say it was lap 10. I was using the h-pattern shifter and after you pit you have that stupid info screen (that doesnt actually give useful info) blocking my view so i couldnt see what gear i was supposed to be in. I ended up getting some engine damage but i kept going and chose to ride it out because i had a decent lead. Wouldnt you know it i got better mileage with a damaged engine, im pretty sure it was an extra 3 laps around one of the ovals.

Witnessing this its possible that one of the factors that fuel consumption is based off of is horsepower. In reality horsepower does have an effect as well as wind resistence. So its also possible with my car having a lower top speed that had an effect on mileage.

I havent tested anything but maybe ill do it later. It should be pretty easy to test, ill drive a car topping out in 5th gear at full throttle, then then drive it topping out in 6th. Ill also match the 5th and 6th gear ratios. So by taking power, throttle because ill be at full the whole time and gear ratios out of the equation i might be able to isolate speed as the factor. If it is the same then horsepower would be the determining factor.