Eliminator unreachable car drop

In eliminator, in Horizon Wild festival site - inside a fenced area - there is unreachable car drop. I drove around three times, no way to reach it…

PS. Again cheated :wink: by cheaters - just lost final race to level 3 car (didn’t see which) - I had Funco, didn’t hit anything, was first 90% of the race, 100m from final destination got overtaken - nice. I started 4 sec early, knew the way, did 250+ all the way so - HOW??? Great mode, yet so frustrating…

Yesterday I could not take a level 8 car because it was too close to a barn and press x resulted in a “send a gift”.


What a thoughtful player!

Stops in middle of eliminator game to make the Horizon experience better for someone else.

Good show mate!


Maybe Devs should make an accolade - "Gift a car inside Eliminator " :wink:

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Oh, the one close to the highway bridge? Happened to me too.
There’s a car drop nearby that also spawns you stuck between buildings. It’s almost as if nobody bothered with playtesting


Feel the same way playing FH5.

Gotta love that. Nearly as fun as driving through logs.

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KaMillo76;1243874]Yesterday I could not take a level 8 car because it was too close to a barn and press x resulted in a “send a gift”.

I was playing eliminator the other day and drive past a barn with a car drop and there must have been 4 or 5 players trying to get it.

Why dont the stupid devs play their own game???

If they would, the would find soooo many bugs. That big annoying “Start Race” or “Final Showdon” insert in the middle of the screen blocks view in every important situation!!! These idiots dont remove that annoying letters from the screen! Why not make them smaller and put them on the bottom of the screen???

And again: In every race you get a final leaderboard! WHY THE **** we dont get a final leaderboard in Eliminator??? This could be so much fun to see the lambos and hoonigans beaten by a tier 3 car!! Oh i see, that would cause maybe 15 minutes of coding work for one of the stupid devs…ok, so that is not possible mega-facepalm That PGG devs a a bunch of lazy idiots, directed by a super moron called Mike Brown. That Game is a mess and close to fraud!

The leaderboards in rivals and stunt events are full of thousands of cheated entries. Why dont you remove that fake scores an ban the cheaters for ever??? why dont you allow that f+++++ cheaters to be on the leaderboards. ??? that sucks out all of the fun of the game if you dont remove that “criminals” that ruin the spirit of competition!!!

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Me and many others had suspicions with Eliminator cheating since FH4, and I still see many situations not clear - and devs don’t do anything. More important is that people don’t get easy superwheel spins :frowning: