Driving physics improved?

FM7 looks amazing. Just hoping the driving physics have improved for wheels users. Anyone hear of any changes?

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I’d say check the “FFB. Is it fixed?” Topic. So far it looks so but we just don’t know yet.

The Forza game that was at E3 had 2 with wheels and everything else as I understand had controllers. The 2 stations had very expensive highly turned up hydraulic racing sleds with the wheels so in my opinion it was very difficult for anyone trying it out to get a true feel for how much improved the FFB and physics actually are. Very hard to tell as you are hanging on to stay in the seat.
I personally think it will be improved and there were several comments about the new Porsche having under steer when they thought it shouldn’t but we have to keep in mind that the climat there in Duboi is very, very hot so the road physics will be greasy in my opinion.

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see here: https://forums.forza.net/turn10_postst99324_FFB--is-it-fixed--UP--Dan--Said--YES.aspx

Dan Greenwalt, the “Creative Director” at T10 is quoted as saying FM7 has been “Built From the Ground Up” for Win 10 PCs.

Honestly, I’m really trying to give FM one more chance. There is no excuse whatsoever that FM should have such poor physics even in spite of pretty pathetic wheels designed for it like the Thrustmaster TX that I had for several years. Forza Motorsport is just not built around physics and wheel setups for that matter. I agree with the comments that FM is probably the best game at this level for a controller. But when it comes to wheels, FFB and physics, Forza Motorsport is pretty pathetic. Yes, with FH3 and FM Apex they have started to add some damper settings, vibration and linearity to smooth things out somewhat(in order to compensate for the pathetic tire and road physics). But FM just cannot compete with even PCars, which is more of a simcade than anything anyway. And it definitely cannot compete with Assetto Corsa, Race Room Racing Experience or iRacing for sure. So per Dan Greenwalt’s comments about FM7 for the PC being built from the ground up, I am only deeply hoping we have an improvement on the physics with a build from the “ground up” for the PC. I am now using the Fanatec CSW WB 2.5, the Clubsport V3 pedals, and the BMW GT2 Alcantara rim. So since FM7 is built from the ground up, T10 has also committed to making FM7 compatible with almost all wheels, so I feel safe at least with a very nice setup. In fact, I am hoping so much I went ahead an preordered FM7 Ultimate.

But if they let me down this time, I am done with T10 and Forza. Yes, maybe I’ll continue to have some fun with future Horizon and Motorsport editions with the X1 controller. But as a serious simcade (because it will never be a true sim it seems) then I will probably stop dropping these hundred dollar price tags for the ultimate editions going forward for sure if anything at all.


there is a 20 minute gameplay video on youtube, I tried watching it but after 3 minutes of watching the player crash into one wall after another I just stopped it. not sure if the player didnt have experience or if the physics have changed that much.

Pretty sure every gameplay vid we’ve seen so far had assists on by default. You can see them lighting up in the HUD.

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With or Without assists is not the problem with Forza. By default and no matter what you have on or off in Assetto Corsa, Race Room and iRacing, you get a car that can drive on the road. The physics are so bad in Forza that no matter what you do with assists, settings, upgrades, setups, FFB…whatever, they all suck. I have spent hundreds of hours just trying to accept Forza because I really want to accept it. Nevertheless, I can hop in AC, RR or iRacing and barely spend 5 min and have a decent setup and the car drives on the road vs something like Forza driving on a cloud or taking a magic carpet ride…lol. Unfortunately…Forza is just a magic carpet ride. However, I am going to give it one more chance with FM7 for PC considering Dan G. mentioned it being a new build for the Win 10 PC from the ground up. If this rebuild does not fix the magic carpet ride, I am done with Forza.


I don’t understand where you get the words “so bad” “they all suck” and in you’re last post “pathetic” to describe the physics of the FM franchise. They physics are not the problem in FM games it’s the wheel and FFB. If you play the game on a controller the physics are delightful, sure there’s room for improvement but nevertheless the physics are very very good. It’s the wheel and it’s FFB that’s terrible in FM games. Just because the car doesn’t feel good on a wheel doesn’t mean the physics are “pathetic” it just means the wheel and it’s FFB is bad. You cant go from, the physics are great on a controller to the physics are “pathetic” on a wheel, it just doesn’t work that way. Yes the physics suit a controller more but that doesn’t mean the physics are “bad” it just means the FFB and general wheel feel need to improve to suit the physics more.

The wheel in FM6 is bad, no getting around that but saying the physics are “pathetic” is way too far imo. The physics for the most part are very good, it just suits the controller far more and the bad FFB makes it appear worse on a wheel. I’m not saying forza’s physics are perfect because they are not and there’s a lot of room for improvement but they are no way close to “pathetic”.


How many wheels have you used and how many “sims” do you race? I can take the same pretty bad Thrustmaster TX or my several others and use them on AC, RR, and iRacing and it is all just fine. I spent a few years in your fantasy land too thinking it was FFB and the wheels and not Forza. I don’t even really care to debate with you either because it wasn’t until I used the same wheel(s) on so many other sim(s) to realize it “is” Forza with or without FFB damping, linearity, vibration, assists, setups, different wheels, or whatever. After you graduate out of the Forza hype, you’ll understand.

Assetto Corsa, Race Room, iRacing, GT, Forza, PC, Dirt, F1 and that’s to name a few I’ve played. It’s not a fantasy land, everyone is allowed their opinion but I feel I’ve played enough racing games over the past decade to know that it’s not the physics that’s the problem in FM games. Not going to lie saying things like “graduate out of the Forza hype” sounds very arrogant to me. I myself have a Thrustmaster TX and have played all those games on it and like I said I don’t think the physics are the problem. The physics could certainly improve but “pathetic” is way too far. If you could make a racing game with better physics than Forza then I’d say you have the right to say “pathetic”. The wheel is dreadful on Forza 6 it really is but that’s not the physics fault. Going back to that “Forza hype” part of you’re argument Forza isn’t my favourite racing game actually that belongs to Project Gotham Racing. A SIM? No. Heavely arcade? Yes. But it capture the enjoyment of driving like no game has for me. Forza comes closest to. A game doesn’t have to be a SIM and nor is Forza trying to be an Assetto Corsa or an iRacing and when Forza does I think I’ll leave as we have games for that. Forza is about the joy of driving imo and that’s where I believe it should stay.


The physics aren’t the same thing as periferal support.

The fact that you don’t like the way in which FM6 supports your gaming wheel/s has little if anything to do with the physics of the game. Of course, if does affect your enjoyment but we shouldn’t confuse the two. Hopefully wheel users are happy with FM7.

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I think the braking physics need a lot of improvements…

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That’s a bit like saying “I hate Americans”.

What aspects of the braking physics don’t you like?

Personally, I feel locking up should have more of an effect.

I have the latest and greatest Fanatec hardware atm. I remember having a forza csr wheel in fm4 and had tons of fun with Forza! Something went wrong since fm4 and i don’t think it’s my upgraded hardware. Of course the graphics have came a long way, but graphics are not what make the game fun! Since fm4 the fun factor has left for me! I retain hope for fm7! Please don’t let us down Turn10!


I hope to understand the difference between physics and peripherals after many thousands of hours in sim racing. Of course, everyone has their own opinion. So all I am trying to say is that I just hope the new “build from the ground up” for FM7 PC is something at least as good as PCars1–I’m not saying PCars1 is the poster child by any means. But then even Slightly Mad realized their physics aren’t too far above a Simcade. So they have again supposedly revamped their physics in PCars2. But I do truly hope we get something solid in FM7 more than just eye candy.


I didn’t rate PCars.

Forget race and GT cars as no one here has real world experience of them but driving a road car on a track is fun - scary, but fun. PCars wasn’t any more believable than FM or most other driving games but somehow SMS managed to make a game that wasn’t fun. Not sure how they managed it but hey!

That’s just my opinion though.


The brakes lock up to easy even on an old clunker ,no brake fade,brake performance seems the same for a low end and high end car,car gets to skirmish when using them yet down shifting is better than braking; (

It’s easy to get the brakes performing well if you upgrade and tune but on stock cars they can be tricky.

I play with a controller and find they aren’t progressive enough stock to really attack braking zones with the limited trigger travel. It’s very easy to lock up.

Brake fade is a symptom of brakes not being up to the job and really shouldn’t be a feature. As a player there’s nothing you could do about it other than upgrade and a game shouldn’t force an upgrade if you don’t want it. Upgrades should only give you a little more brake efficiency IMO.