So I played and owned all the Forza’s, except FM5. So, I am new to Drivatars. In my Carrer mode, there is this one particular Drivatar, that every race, he gets out front, and then walks awaya from me. Wether I set their aggression on or off, whether I set their experience to New Racer, or Pro (have not tried Unbeatbale yet), it is the same thing. I get past all of the field, only to find this Drivatar is lapping 8-16 seconds quicker than I can lap.

I am trying to improve, and I have found a lot of speed, but I simply cannot get anywhere close to this drivatar. Other than find a whole lot of extra speed, is ther anything else to done? Or, do I just have to settle for second place from here on out in career mode?

Mods…or drive better…its same class car right…Drivavatrars are like that players human tendencies…