Drivatars dont seem to loose much momentum despite poor line through corners

Yeah, I didnt wanted to say it like that :wink:

I didn’t know the game did this, but this step back compared to FM4 does explain the results.

1st place was definitely quicker, but not really a surprise with my mediocre skills against unbeatable drivatars, and 3rd place may well have been closing the gap on the last lap but it’s difficult to tell now the distance meter has been removed :frowning:

Draft in straight line ?

The current P class leaderboard time for RA Alt is 1:48.4, with a 4.5 second difference in the top 20 and fewer than 1000 lap times on the board. As the rest of the world starts adding lap times you may see the human times match the Drivatars.

Honestly I think it’s hilarious it adds some laughter, challenge and sometimes enjoyment to an otherwise historically bland career mode.

Whilst these guys do some odd things there’s still nothing that comes close to the sheer spitefullness of some that play online, I’ve never seen a drivatar rather take me out than win the race…

What amuses me the most is how the Drivatar difficulties are basically inverted. If you put them on New Driver (“easiest” setting), they will drive just like the AI in Forza 4, meaning they will almost always take the perfect line and brake at the optimal time. But raise the difficulty and they just become more aggressive and less focused on taking the ideal line. To me that makes them easier to beat than if they just “follow the line” on Easy, which usually gives them pretty good lap times and very few mistakes made. It seems backwards to me that a “New Driver” would take the perfect line while a “Professional” will try to ram you off the road. I race against “Pros” for the extra credits but I actually find “New Drivers” to be more of a challenge.

Where I notice it most is when they crash. I swear I have seen them pivot 90 degrees and continue on as if they never spun out without losing any speed. I’ve never worried enough about it to actually confirm what is happening - but I can say that if you think you see them doing something really impossible then watch the replay focused on their car. At least once I could have sworn one just randomly crashed in front of me for no reason taking me out in the process, but when I watched the replay he was part of a larger chain reaction that I could not see from my vantage point and it was not random or ‘crazy’ driving (at least from that car) at all.