Drifting is OP

I was racing in online adventures when some one comes online that wasnt fast at all! Coming in at about 8th place or so in a race. While i had raced 4 races he raced 1 and passed me on the xp board which determens each players place.
next 4 races started and i did race the 1st race to see the xp difference, while i was drifting and came in 1st place earning me about 17.000xp this guy finished dnf in last place with over 50.000xp.
When i lapped him that race i noticed i was driving slowely and only focusing on drifting which earned him this crazy amount of xp, making raceing pointlesse all to gethere. Drifting score needs a nerf!

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Several threads about this already…

You’re right though.

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MOD can we please merge the threads?
At the OP all you are missing out on is 30k Credits if you were first in XP championship and I believe it’s in 2k increments so if your second to the guy drifting you lost a total of 2k.

It’s called Online Adventure not a championship. If you like racing for first race with the other people racing compete with them have a good time. If you want to win the championship for 30k more over 4 races concentrate on skill chains.

How many threads are there going to be about losing 30k credit championship.

Yes it would be nice if they had a points championship and XP championship concurrently so those wishing this was a points championship wouldn’t feel so slighted.

Hopefully devs will add this. Certainly is garnering enough attention.

FH’s slogan is “you are the boss” but instead it should be “it all doesn’t matter”.

You can set assists and drivatar to a challenge and earn a certain amount of credits/XP/fans. Or you can set it all to the highest difficulty setting, finished 12th each race and still earn the same amount of credits/XP/fans. It all doesn’t matter. It carries over to multiplayer as well, for whatever reason I’m totally not interested to be competitive in races because… it all doesn’t matter, you get plenty of credits and XP in the end anyway.

Fans? I already reached 25m so it all doesn’t matter.
XP? Well it all doesn’t matter either in fact since I already have enough credits to get all the cars I want.
Racing against drivatars? It all doesn’t matter because the darn buggers cheat & rubberband like there is no tomorrow anyway.

The only thing I find challenging so far are the monthly rival events. That does matter.

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Agreed, way 2 op.