Drag car

This has probably been asked but as I’m only on my phone it is awkward and takes forever to find things.

I just want to know the best drag car no matter what I pick I loose and pointers/advice thank you

The best drag car all depends on your style and class. The top cars for A S R P classes are the Alfa 33 Stradale, Ferrari 458, Ferrari TR250, Nissan R390, Ultima GTR720, Lotus Espirit V8, Hennessey Venom, Bugatti Veyron Alfa Romeo GTA Buick Regal GNX and a bunch more. I, as well as others, have a lot of solid tunes out there you can download and try.

Depends on the class of race. I would look at the following P class cars:

99 Lotus Elise
02 Lotus Esprit
Nissan R390
Ruff Yellowbird

For R class its pretty much:

Alpha Stradale
Alpha Romeo GTA
BMW 2002 Turbo

For S class I typically use

Ferrari TR
VW Scirocco
Mercury Cougar